Social Sciences

Giving Opportunities

Giving to the Department of Social Sciences enhances numerous opportunities for our creative students and faculty. Departmental research and scholarship aims to advance the universal goal of the social sciences: to understand how human behavior is organized and how it changes over time. Monetary gifts go toward attracting world-class faculty, supporting student scholarships, creating innovative scholarship and research, and maintaining departmental facilities and equipment.

Make a gift today, and become our partner in creating a legacy of social knowledge for an engaged, sustainable future society.

General Fund

Gifts made directly to the Social Science General Fund are unrestricted, giving the department the flexibility to respond to emerging opportunities and support their current priorities, such as scholarships for qualified students and improvements to facilities and equipment that are vital to the department’s operations.

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Undergraduate Education

Legal Education Fund

The Legal Education Fund supports the pre-law program in the Department of Social Sciences. The pre-law program prepares students for the practice of law and the multifaceted challenges presented by a legal career.

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Edmund Vandette Endowed Fund

The Edmund Vandette Endowed Fund supports undergraduate scholarships, with preference given to students who originate from the Copper Country and demonstrate financial need. The family of the late local politician and professor Edmund Vandette, who taught history and political science at Michigan Tech, established this fund in his memory. The scholarship is awarded to first-year students and may be renewed, provided the student maintains a GPA of 2.5 or higher for each academic year at Michigan Tech. Priority may be given to social science majors; however, major is not a criterion of eligibility.

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Graduate Education

Environmental and Energy Policy Fund

This fund supports the development of the graduate degree programs in environmental and energy policy, enhancing our students' opportunities for research and scholarship.

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Industrial Archaeology Fund

This fund supports the operations of the graduate programs in industrial heritage and archaeology through awarding student scholarships and funding equipment and services crucial to student research and scholarship.

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Cliff Mine Site Archaeology Fund

This fund supports archaeological and heritage research at the site of the Cliff Mine in Keweenaw County, Michigan, and related historic and industrial sites in the region.

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Utah Pottery Project

This fund supports research into the immigrant potters of Utah who lived in the Mormon Domain during the 19th century. The project examines the potters and their families, work, products, and contributions to the history of Utah.

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