Peace Corps Prep

The Peace Corps Prep certificate program requires you to take preparatory classes and participate in a cross-cultural, service-oriented experience to build intercultural competency, develop an understanding of critical global issues, and forge professional partnerships. Specifically, you will take classes to gain skills in foreign language and intercultural competence. You will also specialize in an area of international development and Peace Corps such as education, health, or the environment.

When you complete the Peace Corps Prep certificate program, you will be ready to serve in the U.S. Peace Corps or a similar organization. You will also have laid a solid foundation for graduate school and professional work in international development and other service-oriented careers.

Peace Corps Prep is an official partnership between Michigan Tech and the U.S. Peace Corps. While completion of Peace Corps Prep does not guarantee acceptance into the Peace Corps, this certification will differentiate you from other applicants if you decide to apply. We have worked closely with the U.S. Peace Corps to create a program that aligns with the skills and training that the organization is looking for.

Peace Corps Masters International (PCMI) and Tech alumni Luke Barrett and Nick Schreiner continue to make their mark and create the future. 

Current PCMI student, Jomara Laboy-Rivera volunteered in Cameroon and took 3rd place in the Peace Corps video contest with Joy, highlighting happiness.

"Through my immersion experience at the Niabi Zoo, I refined my ability to communicate scientific information to a wide range of ages, nationalities, socioeconomic statuses and more."Laura Schimmel, Peace Corps Prep