International Students

The international flow of people to universities is very much part of the global environment of higher education in the 21st century, yet it is hardly a new trend. Indeed, aspiring American scientists during the 19th century flocked to German universities in order to complete their professional—and especially scientific—training.

Today, the number of international students is likely at its highest point ever. It’s quite fascinating that Michigan Tech, located far north in Michigan on the south shore of Lake Superior attracts more than 1,000 international students for both undergraduate and graduate study. As a result, you will find a dynamic community of international students living and learning in Houghton.

The College of Sciences and Arts is a great destination for students from every country, but we seem a particularly suitable choice for students who seek to study in the natural and physical sciences, mathematical sciences and statistics, and computer science. At the  same time, Michigan Tech is an excellent choice for those students interested in what lenses of humanities and social sciences help us learn about communicating, understanding and managing science and technology.

All of these areas of study require increasingly interdisciplinary preparation and the college’s department Tech have developed their educational programs to educate students who can thrive in our ever-evolving global landscape. The university and college are small enough to allow students and faculty to easily build connections through such mechanisms as undergraduate research experiences. Yet we are large enough to boast of faculty whose interests and passions lie in the most exciting emerging fields of science and technology, humanities and social sciences. We strive to make it is easy to reach across the boundaries between academic disciplines and departments. Our real goal is to provide students with a solid disciplinary foundation that allows interdisciplinary exploration.

Tech is an exciting place to go to school and to start your professional lives and careers, located in a community known for clean, crisp air and clear, cool waters.