College of Sciences and Arts

Diversity is our strength.

Creating and maintaining an atmosphere of inclusion isn’t just the moral choice. Diverse communities improve educational outcomes. They broaden horizons and encourage innovation. They lead to happier, more fulfilled lives.

The Michigan Tech College of Sciences and Arts vows to foster a sense of belonging for all members
of our community, so that everyone can contribute their diverse talents, perspectives, and experiences to
enrich our campus and bring their full selves to their teaching, learning, and scholarship.

Get Your Hands Dirty


The College of Sciences and Arts fuels Michigan Tech Huskies with intellectualism, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation across multiple disciplines. Students are taught by leading experts in their fields and engage in cutting-edge research in 28 bachelors and  23 graduate degrees—getting their hands dirty with grit and determination. 

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CSA Academy

Richard Faleschini

Richard Faleschini '70, '72

Richard Faleschini is Vice President and General Manager for American Medical Systems Gynecology (AMSG), a newly formed business unit of American Medical Systems. Rick joined American Medical Systems in November, 1999, as Vice President of Marketing and Sales and served in that position until he assumed his current role in 2003. Rick has 30 years of . . .


Student studying in the J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library.

General Sciences and Arts program is designed to let students explore fields of study and career avenues for a semester or two under the direction of a faculty member.

  • 29
    bachelors degrees
  • 23
    graduate degrees
  • 1050+
    total enrollment
  • 190