College of Sciences and Arts

College Mission and Strategic Plan


We prepare students to create the future.


The College of Sciences and Arts is engaged with all academic units as a strong partner in the effort to make Michigan Technological University a premier modern technological university, one that pursues education and research about all aspects—business, scientific, and technical; human, social, cultural and artistic; structural and organizational—of the technological world in which we live.


Our focus in education is:

  1. to provide innovative undergraduate degree offerings, minors and graduate programs appropriate to the growing scope of the challenges, the complexity and diversity of the technologies of the 21st century and,
  2. to offer the general education in the liberal arts and the foundational learning in the natural sciences and mathematics that provide all Michigan Tech students with both the communicative, analytic and cultural skills and the fundamental knowledge that are the essential tools for success in every profession and field of endeavor.

No other unit at Michigan Tech shoulders such a wide responsibility, and success in these tasks requires every CSA unit to develop and maintain complementary and balanced undergraduate teaching and graduate education and research efforts. Because most of the college’s disciplinary departments are too small to achieve world-class recognition via the usual ranking systems, i.e., recognition for research by the unit as opposed to the efforts of outstanding individuals within units, the college places emphasis upon achieving national and international recognition by identifying and promoting education and research that cross disciplines and draw upon the strength of multiple departments in innovative ways.