Current Workshop Content

The readings, videos and data used for the Diversity Literacy workshop and refresher are listed below for anyone who wants to review the material before the workshop starts or refresh their memories after it ends. Course content and format are reviewed and revised annually by the faculty facilitators to continuously adapt to the landscape of DEI initiatives and needs at Michigan Tech.  Additional resources that expand far beyond those presented here can be found at the Michigan Tech ADVANCE Initiative website.

Full Diversity Literacy Training

Module/Week 1 - Bias and the accumulation of disadvantage

Module/Week 2 - Bias in selection decisions

Module/Week 3 - Bias in Promotion and Tenure decisions

  • READING: Gender bias in student evaluations. Mitchell KMW, Martin J (2018) The Teacher 51:648-652. 
  • READING: The diversity-innovation paradox in science. Hofstra B, Kulkarni VK, Galvex SM-N, He B, Jurafsky D, McFarland DA (2020) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(17): 9284-9291. 
  • READING: In the wake of COVID-19, academia needs new solutions to insure gender equity. Malisch JL, Harris BN, Sherrer SM and 14 others (2020) Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 117:15378-15381.

Summary Module:

Refresher Course

Module 1 - Bias and the accumulation of disadvantages

Module 2 - Bias in selection and promotion + tenure decisions