Conflict Resolution Network


In order to support a safe and just campus community, the Conflict Resolution Network at Michigan Technological University is a diverse team of faculty and staff who approaches conflict resolution and student conduct from an educational, restorative and developmental perspective. The Conflict Resolution Network provides a variety of conflict resolution options, training, and services to guide faculty, staff, and students in managing and resolving conflict through a variety of conflict resolution options including: Conflict Coaching, Facilitated Dialogue, Mediation, Restorative Practices, and Shuttle Diplomacy.


Coordinate services and resources to assist the university community in engaging in restorative dialogues and resolving interpersonal conflicts.

Confidential Assistance

If you would like details of a complaint or incident kept confidential, these below resources are not required to tell anyone your private, personally identifiable information unless there is a significant case of fear for your safety or the safety of others.

Michigan Tech Confidential Resources