Diversity Literacy Workshop

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This workshop is part of Michigan Tech's ongoing commitment to faculty diversity in building a supportive campus climate. Successful completion of the Diversity Literacy Workshop is required to serve on faculty hiring and tenure and promotion committees. The Workshop is organized as a three-week asynchronous online course in Canvas (with 2-3 hours of work per week) covering legal aspects of hiring and promotion processes, building literacy in recognizing unconscious bias, and cultivating diversity-centered practices. 

The three-week online workshop focuses on understanding, recognizing, and responding to unconscious bias related to gender, race, age, disability, religion, or other “protected” classes as defined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. These biases can hinder the successful recruitment, retention, and promotion of a diverse faculty at Michigan Tech. It also addresses the university policies, state and federal laws (e.g., affirmative action requirements), and any policies or procedures relevant to committee work and the faculty hiring process at Michigan Tech. Participants should plan to spend two-three hours each week completing the required readings, videos, quizzes, and discussion questions.

For those who have already taken the full three-week diversity literacy course, a 7-day refresher course will be required every four years. If a refresher is not taken within that four-year period, the full three-week course will be required again. Additionally, completion of an online course covering Legal Aspects for Faculty Search Committees is required annually when serving on a search committee. It will be assigned automatically by HR following submission of the Faculty Search Committee Approval Form.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting in 2023–24, the Diversity Literacy Workshop and the refresher now include the content formerly delivered separately as the Faculty Legal Aspects Training course.  Course participants will receive the same content, but it is now integrated into a single comprehensive course. The Legal Aspects Review for Faculty Search Committees will still be required each time a member joins a search committee.

To register for a Diversity Literacy workshop or refresher course, please consult our Schedule of Upcoming Workshops and submit your registration request using the online form.

The Diversity Literacy training component was developed by faculty during the Michigan Tech’s NSF ADVANCE PAID grant, which was funded 2008-2012 and included the development of campus-wide training programs in diversity and unconscious bias literacy.  The current training program evolved from an optional in-person pilot program to the current online, interactive workshop that is required to serve on search and P&T committees. The course content and format continue to be managed by faculty members in collaboration with the Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance and Title IX, distinguishing it from other training courses at Michigan Tech.  Course content and format are reviewed and revised annually to continuously adapt to the landscape of DEI initiatives and needsat Michigan Tech with support from the Office of the Provost.