Employees Eligible to Serve on a Staff Search Committee

Name Department Expiration Date
Anthony Abe Transportation Services 07-28-2026
Oren Abeles Humanities 09-23-2024
Ronnie Adkins Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 01-13-2025
Thomas Adolphs Humanities 08-19-2026
Karla Aho Office of Advancement 09-17-2025
Travis Aho Facilities Management 10-12-2024
Tammy Ahola Business Support Center 01-24-2024
Gabriel Ahrendt Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences 02-25-2025
Russell Alger Keweenaw Research Center 10-25-2026
Jeffrey Allen Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 02-07-2026
Corey Allie Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 11-08-2026
Nora Allred Van Pelt and Opie Library 03-08-2026
Hilary Anderson Sponsored Programs Office 07-22-2026
Jamey Anderson Great Lakes Research Center 02-17-2024
Brenda Anttila Equal Opp Compliance & Title IX 11-10-2025
Mitchell Apriesnig Transportation Services 09-08-2025
Courtney Archambeau Res Educ & Housing-Other Activities 02-25-2025
Ruth Archer Continuous Improvement 07-01-2023
Kirsti Arko Admissions 10-29-2024
Chad Arney Registrar's 01-25-2026
Gorkem Asilioglu Computer Science 10-31-2026
Sarah Atkinson Associate VP for Research Devel 12-03-2023
Nancy Banfield Information Technology 04-05-2026
Marjorie Banovetz College Forest Resources & Envr Sci 01-14-2026
Laura Baril Human Resources 10-20-2026
Jessica Barish Kinesiology/Integrative Physiology 09-30-2026
Apurva Baruah Physics 02-07-2025
Lauren Beastall Advanced Power Sys Rsch Ctr (APSRC) 06-16-2026
Ann Bengry General Athletics 02-11-2025
Ryan Bennett Res Educ & Housing-Other Activities 02-23-2025
Scott Bershing Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 09-24-2025
Karen Bess Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 08-18-2024
Briana Bettin Computer Science 04-05-2025
Nathan Bezotte Van Pelt and Opie Library 03-30-2025
Jennifer Biekkola Office of Advancement 06-09-2026
Kiersten Birondo Rozsa Ctr for Performing Arts 09-07-2025
Robert Bishop Academic & Community Conduct 01-08-2024
Traci Bishop Financial Services & Operations 09-21-2024
Amy Blake Information Technology 11-12-2023
Michael Blanco VP for Diversity & Inclusion 04-26-2025
Taana Blom College of Sciences & Arts 10-12-2024
Gregg Bluth Great Lakes Research Center 02-10-2026
Gregory Booth Information Technology 04-01-2026
Whitney Boroski Ctr Student Mental Health Wellbeing 05-13-2023
Machel Borsum International Programs and Services 03-19-2025
Karl Bosse Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 04-07-2026
Laura Bourgeau-Chavez Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 03-11-2025
Scott Bradley Keweenaw Research Center 12-07-2024
Daniel Brinks Information Technology 10-21-2026
Roy Britz Sports & Recreation Operations 04-29-2025
Colin Brooks Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 02-22-2025
Bruce Brotherton Univ Marketing & Communications 06-10-2023
Christopher Bryan Information Technology 07-31-2023
Joshua Buettner General Athletics 04-14-2025
Jennifer Bukovich Sponsored Programs Office 07-26-2026
Laura Bunzendahl-Bulleit Dean of Students/VP Stu Affairs 02-21-2024
Kathleen Burke Mathematical Sciences 02-11-2026
Paul Burke Information Technology 10-13-2026
Judy Burl Electrical and Computer Engineering 04-05-2025
Brent Burns Associate VP for Research Devel 10-15-2025
Catherine Burns Human Resources 03-17-2026
Joseph Burns Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 05-11-2025
Brittany Buschell Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences 08-29-2025
Laurie Buschell Financial Services & Operations 05-16-2023
Samantha Butkovich Facilities Management 08-20-2023
Amanda Cadwell Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 04-05-2025
Brian Cadwell Public Safety & Police Services 06-03-2025
Ninette Carlson Admissions 04-05-2025
Breanne Carne Cognitive & Learning Sciences 04-06-2026
Chelsie Carne Mathematical Sciences 10-12-2024
Daniel Carney Human Resources 02-27-2027
Allison Carter Univ Marketing & Communications 08-20-2024
Justin Casey Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) 08-26-2026
Lisa Casper Assoc Provost for U-grad Education 02-08-2026
Joanne Chalgren Human Resources 04-21-2026
David Chard Information Technology 03-07-2026
Debra Charlesworth Graduate School 02-24-2026
Richard Chase Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 01-22-2025
Janna Chittick Computer Science 11-06-2023
Derek Chopp Keweenaw Research Center 12-06-2025
Natasha Chopp Vice Pres for Research 03-01-2026
Heather Chosa Humanities 01-01-2025
Samantha Clayton General Athletics 04-13-2026
Patrice Cobin AE Seaman Mineral Museum 05-13-2023
Christine Codere Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 06-09-2025
Kim Codere Associate VP for Finance 07-27-2026
Thomas Cogswell College of Computing 10-12-2024
Timothy Colling Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 03-05-2025
Jessica Comfort Office of Advancement 04-08-2026
Tori Connors Biological Sciences 06-03-2025
Angela Cooke Assoc Provost for U-grad Education 02-03-2026
Dawn Corwin Waino Wahtera Ctr Student Success 11-15-2026
Shellie Crisman Graduate School 11-23-2026
Erik Crowley Portage Lake Golf Course 11-05-2025
Ashley Curie Center for Diversity & Inclusion 08-02-2026
Danielle Cyrus Financial Services & Operations 03-07-2026
Danielle Davis College of Engineering 09-15-2024
April DePaulis Pavlis Honors College 03-15-2026
Ashley DeVoge Sports & Recreation Operations 06-07-2025
Reid DeVoge Public Safety & Police Services 01-28-2025
Jean Declerck Assoc Provost for U-grad Education 02-08-2026
Christoforo Delreal Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 03-22-2025
Elisabeth Dennis Van Pelt and Opie Library 04-19-2025
Heather DesRochers Financial Aid Administration 11-01-2025
James Desrochers Office of Advancement 10-17-2026
Kevin Destrampe Keweenaw Research Center 09-19-2023
Paul Dice Advanced Power Sys Rsch Ctr (APSRC) 08-28-2023
David Dixon Associate VP for Research Devel 07-01-2025
Donzell Dixson Admissions 04-05-2026
Annelise Doll Van Pelt and Opie Library 04-02-2023
Faye Dompier Graduate School 12-14-2025
Jodie Dompier Information Technology 08-31-2024
Sarah Dowd General Athletics 09-09-2024
Joel Duncan Advanced Power Sys Rsch Ctr (APSRC) 01-24-2026
Ana Dyreson Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 09-19-2026
Rhys Edwards General Athletics 05-13-2023
Cynthia Elder Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 04-19-2025
Richard Elenich Institutional Research 03-28-2023
Katy Ellenich Humanities 10-31-2026
Ramona Englund Keweenaw Research Center 11-18-2025
Sarah Erickson Univ Marketing & Communications 11-18-2025
Colleen Erva Financial Aid Administration 07-24-2026
Ashley Eschbach Res Educ & Housing-Other Activities 08-26-2025
Gabriel Escobedo Center for Diversity & Inclusion 08-01-2026
Jordan Ferguson General Athletics 04-21-2026
Jodie Filpus-Paakola College of Business 02-13-2024
Hailey Finch Institutional Research 02-01-2025
Carli Fisher Admissions 12-03-2025
Laura Fiss Pavlis Honors College 03-21-2026
Christian Fitzgerald Keweenaw Research Center 06-03-2025
Elisabeth Fitzpatrick Admissions 01-13-2025
Lauren Flanagan Admissions 03-28-2026
Nicole Foguth Res Educ & Housing-Other Activities 01-23-2027
Linda Fontaine Financial Aid Administration 10-29-2023
Todd Fox Information Technology 02-17-2024
Elka Frahm Merchandising Operations 06-08-2025
Wesley Frahm Alumni Engagement 05-13-2023
Alyssa Fredin Financial Aid Administration 02-22-2025
Terri Frew Visual & Performing Arts 01-22-2025
James Frey Information Technology 03-23-2026
Patricia Frueh Ctr Student Mental Health Wellbeing 04-02-2023
Elizabeth Fujita Office of Advancement 02-22-2025
Rachelle Gariepy Kinesiology/Integrative Physiology 07-01-2023
Robert Garnell Facilities Management 02-01-2026
Jacqueline Gebhardt Great Lakes Research Center 09-19-2023
Marc Geborkoff Public Safety & Police Services 04-29-2025
Kimberly Geiger College of Engineering 03-14-2026
Wayne Gersie VP for Diversity & Inclusion 01-01-2025
Christopher Gilbertson Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 04-14-2025
Kerri Gilbertson Ctr Student Mental Health Wellbeing 08-31-2024
Laura Givens Sports & Recreation Operations 11-04-2025
Megan Goke Human Resources 10-12-2024
Emmett Golde Information Technology 12-13-2026
Amanda Gonczi Great Lakes Research Center 03-21-2026
Haley Goodreau Univ Marketing & Communications 11-07-2026
Josh Gostlin Res Educ & Housing-Other Activities 10-26-2026
Gina Goudge Materials Science and Engineering 02-08-2025
Ricky Greub Sponsored Programs Accounting 08-17-2025
Christine Grotzke Admissions 04-04-2026
Jada Gullstrand General Athletics 08-20-2023
Jacob Guter Facilities Management 02-25-2026
Geoffrey Gwaltney Keweenaw Research Center 06-03-2025
Jessica Gwosch Dean of Students/VP Stu Affairs 08-30-2026
Tayler Haapapuro Kinesiology/Integrative Physiology 10-09-2026
Wendy Hackman Facilities Management 08-24-2026
Amanda Hagerl Alumni Engagement 10-08-2025
David Hale Information Technology 08-20-2023
Abbi Halkola Equal Opp Compliance & Title IX 10-15-2025
Eric Halonen Office of Advancement 07-13-2025
Thomas Hampton Admissions 03-24-2026
Christopher Hannula Information Technology 11-22-2025
James Harden Human Resources 09-23-2025
Heather Harry Provost Senior VP for Acad Affairs 02-25-2026
Laura Harry Business Support Center 12-16-2023
Rachael Hathcoat Center for Diversity & Inclusion 03-05-2025
Kristi Hauswirth College of Computing 04-19-2025
Angelica Hebert Information Technology 07-23-2023
Jacqueline Heikkinen Admissions 03-11-2026
Allison Hein Materials Science and Engineering 04-05-2025
Mark Heinonen Information Technology 12-16-2024
Rebekah Helman University Relations & Enrollment 10-06-2026
Hayden Henderson Great Lakes Research Center 07-26-2026
Nicholas Hendrickson Manufacturing & Mech Eng Technology 02-21-2024
Heather Herman University Relations & Enrollment 08-02-2025
Larry Hermanson Facilities Management 10-01-2024
Karen Hext Registrar's 05-18-2026
Quincy Higgins Arney Facilities Management 09-27-2025
Susan Hill College of Engineering 07-31-2023
Jeffrey Hilss Information Technology 02-02-2027
Lindsay Hiltunen Van Pelt and Opie Library 11-22-2023
Lisa Hitch Cognitive & Learning Sciences 08-27-2025
Tammy Hodson Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 02-11-2025
Joan Hoffman Financial Services & Operations 08-20-2023
Christopher Hohnholt Pavlis Honors College 03-09-2024
David Holden Van Pelt and Opie Library 12-17-2023
Alexandra Holmstrom Biomedical Engineering 05-24-2025
Patrick Hopp Information Technology 03-10-2026
Lauren Howell University Relations & Enrollment 04-01-2024
Elizabeth Hoy Great Lakes Research Center 04-01-2024
Stefka Hristova Humanities 01-19-2025
Shellie Hubert Information Technology 06-08-2026
Alexander Hughes Univ Marketing & Communications 06-12-2023
Amy Hughes Internal Audit 01-17-2027
Damon Huotari Financial Services & Operations 03-05-2025
Robert Hutchinson College of Business 02-13-2025
Amanda Irwin Vice Pres for Research 03-02-2026
Joel Isaacson General Athletics 03-02-2026
Susan Janiszewski Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 02-04-2024
Megan Jarvi Chemistry 06-07-2026
Benjamin Jaszczak Univ Marketing & Communications 02-15-2026
Cathy Jenich Vice Pres for Research 08-23-2026
Mary Jennings Rozsa Ctr for Performing Arts 07-23-2023
Matthew Jennings General Athletics 06-10-2025
Jared Johnson General Athletics 09-19-2023
Megan Johnson Physics 10-05-2024
Makenzie Joseph Res Educ & Housing-Other Activities 04-13-2026
Kristi Juntunen Pavlis Honors College 02-23-2026
Elisa Jurmu General Athletics 04-30-2025
Kevin Kainulainen Office of Advancement 05-23-2023
Katherine Kallio Public Safety & Police Services 04-29-2025
Kelly Kallio Sponsored Programs Office 02-28-2026
Cody Kangas Office of Advancement 04-25-2026
Victoria Kaplewski Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 07-12-2025
Jarrod Karau Information Technology 02-25-2026
Brent Kari Facilities Management 05-26-2026
Hayley Karinen Sponsored Programs Accounting 09-15-2026
Eric Karvonen Residential Dining 01-15-2026
Nicole Kelly Univ Marketing & Communications 12-20-2023
Erin Kemppainen Rozsa Ctr for Performing Arts 09-22-2026
Mia Kemppainen Graduate School 04-05-2026
Angela Keranen Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 03-05-2025
Kristi Kesti-Pieti Chemical Engineering 06-02-2026
Karma Kilpela Payroll Suspense 09-12-2026
Christine Klein Sponsored Programs Accounting 03-07-2026
Marney Kloote Office of Advancement 08-02-2026
Katie Knapp Admissions 10-18-2026
Kelsey Kocher Sponsored Programs Office 08-20-2023
Alisha Kocjan Van Pelt and Opie Library 09-15-2024
Robin Kolehmainen Innovation & Commercialization 10-01-2024
Nicholas Koszykowski Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 04-14-2025
Gail Kotajarvi-Gerard Transportation Services 02-11-2026
Brianna Kratz Res Educ & Housing-Other Activities 12-01-2025
David Krings Facilities Management 02-05-2025
Kelly Kunishige Sponsored Programs Accounting 09-26-2026
John Kurkowski Facilities Management 03-08-2027
Michael LaBeau Biomedical Engineering 08-29-2026
Susan Laajala Financial Services & Operations 02-13-2024
Jennifer Laitala Financial Services & Operations 05-13-2023
Margaret Landsparger Jackson Center for Teach & Learn 08-20-2023
Peter Larsen Associate VP for Research Devel 07-01-2023
Calvin Larson General Athletics 10-16-2023
Georgeann Larson Van Pelt and Opie Library 04-14-2025
Nathan Larson General Athletics 05-16-2023
Jesse Latvala Facilities Management 09-16-2025
Randy Laurn Sponsored Programs Office 08-18-2026
David Lawrence Vice Pres for Research 10-27-2025
Joel LeBlanc Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 02-04-2024
Gina LeMay Vice Pres for Research 03-03-2026
Matthew Lean Residential Dining 01-12-2026
Amie Ledgerwood Provost Senior VP for Acad Affairs 06-17-2023
John Lehman University Relations & Enrollment 12-21-2024
Steven Lehmann Biomedical Engineering 03-10-2026
Jonathan Leinonen College of Business 03-15-2026
John Lenters Great Lakes Research Center 12-16-2024
Gregory Leonard Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 01-30-2024
Vienna Leonarduzzi Dean of Students/VP Stu Affairs 09-11-2025
Patricia Leopold College Forest Resources & Envr Sci 10-17-2026
Jeffrey Lewin Associate VP for Research Devel 03-01-2026
Daniel Liebau Facilities Management 10-05-2024
Susan Liebau Chemistry 01-28-2025
Debra Linn Office of Advancement 09-21-2024
Michelle Little Van Pelt and Opie Library 04-11-2026
Dennis Livesay College of Computing 04-14-2025
Jennifer Lucas Alumni Engagement 12-01-2025
Katie Lucca Financial Aid Administration 07-21-2026
Beth Lunde-Stockero Equal Opp Compliance & Title IX 10-29-2024
Jacob Lundin Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 09-13-2026
Pattie Luokkanen Van Pelt and Opie Library 03-25-2026
Keith Machiela Financial Services & Operations 02-25-2026
Karen Maki Information Technology 04-13-2026
Nathan Maki Facilities Management 10-01-2024
Tanya Maki Visual & Performing Arts 09-22-2026
Jacob Manchester Associate VP for Research Devel 08-02-2026
Alexandra Marshall Res Educ & Housing-Other Activities 03-18-2026
Cynthia Martin Student Affairs Info Systems 05-13-2026
Erin Matas Van Pelt and Opie Library 10-03-2023
Kelly Matson Public Safety & Police Services 09-17-2025
Colleen Mauno College of Engineering 10-12-2024
Christopher Maxson Environmental Health & Safety 07-31-2023
Anna McClatchy Dean of Students/VP Stu Affairs 10-16-2024
Linnea McGowan Hobmeier Van Pelt and Opie Library 04-19-2025
Kimberly McMullan Van Pelt and Opie Library 03-22-2025
Danielle Meirow Student Leadership & Involvement 01-13-2025
Jay Meldrum Keweenaw Research Center 11-01-2023
Michelle Meneguzzo Sponsored Programs Accounting 04-22-2023
Daniel Mettlach General Athletics 10-26-2025
Lisa Meyer Ctr Student Mental Health Wellbeing 01-26-2026
Arthur Mikus Facilities Management 08-29-2026
Andrew Miles Financial Aid Administration 02-17-2024
Chris Miller College Forest Resources & Envr Sci 01-24-2024
Elizabeth Miller Materials Science and Engineering 09-23-2024
Jodi Miller Univ Marketing & Communications 03-05-2025
Shanda Miller Merchandising Operations 08-18-2024
Steven Mintz College of Sciences & Arts 08-23-2026
Benjamin Mohrhardt Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 09-30-2026
Christopher Morgan Enterprise 02-03-2026
Suzanne Morin Financial Services & Operations 02-06-2024
Michael Morley Innovation & Commercialization 07-18-2026
Joshua Myles Information Technology 08-20-2023
Patrice Myllyoja Information Technology 03-11-2026
Allison Neely Van Pelt and Opie Library 04-05-2025
Mechelle Normand Univ Marketing & Communications 07-13-2026
Matthew Norrod Enrollment Management 04-19-2026
Jill Null Residential Dining 08-20-2023
Sarah Oberloier Equal Opp Compliance & Title IX 08-20-2025
Alan Ollanketo Provost Senior VP for Acad Affairs 04-02-2023
Amy Olson Financial Services & Operations 12-22-2024
Joshua Olson Information Technology 12-21-2026
Michael Olson Office of Advancement 12-02-2025
Steven Olson General Athletics 04-29-2025
Christy Oslund Waino Wahtera Ctr Student Success 08-23-2026
Grant Ovist Advanced Power Sys Rsch Ctr (APSRC) 01-25-2026
Kristina Owen General Athletics 05-06-2025
Bulut Ozturk General Athletics 12-16-2024
Charlene Page Chemistry 05-24-2025
Robert Page Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 09-20-2026
Jill Patterson Career Services 01-13-2026
Karen Patterson Waino Wahtera Ctr Student Success 12-06-2025
Craig Pellizzaro Sports & Recreation Operations 12-16-2024
Miles Penhale Keweenaw Research Center 11-15-2025
Cynthia Perkins Univ Marketing & Communications 12-10-2023
Judith Perlinger Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 03-01-2025
Kathryn Perrine Chemistry 04-15-2024
Sherri Peters Sponsored Programs Office 12-11-2023
Luke Peterson Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 03-22-2025
Lisa Phillips Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 02-04-2024
Dawn Pichette College of Engineering 02-22-2025
Cynthia Pindral Social Sciences 03-02-2026
Kathleen Pintar Registrar's 02-28-2026
Mariah Powell Res Educ & Housing-Other Activities 08-24-2026
Heather Powers Univ Marketing & Communications 03-09-2024
Mark Provoast Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 02-25-2026
Laura Putwen Academic & Community Conduct 08-12-2026
Ye Qi Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 11-22-2026
Amy Raffaelli Materials Science and Engineering 03-11-2025
Kellie Raffaelli International Programs and Services 10-29-2023
Brenda Randell Associate Vice President for Admin 12-20-2023
Drew Randell Financial Services & Operations 11-12-2023
Stephanie Reed Van Pelt and Opie Library 03-03-2026
Tracey Reed Information Technology 04-06-2026
Tori Reeder Humanities 07-22-2025
Heidi Reid General Counsel 08-10-2026
Lorri Reilly Chemistry 12-17-2023
Ian Repp Univ Marketing & Communications 12-02-2025
Gregg Richards Facilities Management 12-10-2023
William Roberts Office of Advancement 07-15-2025
Kaitlyn Roose General Athletics 12-03-2023
Julie Ross Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 05-20-2025
Megan Ross Univ Marketing & Communications 11-30-2026
Vicky Roy College of Computing 05-14-2023
Kyle Rubin Enrollment Management 11-02-2025
Brenda Rudiger Office of Advancement 03-01-2026
Darlene Saari Engineering Fundamentals 03-17-2025
Jennifer Sams Van Pelt and Opie Library 04-02-2023
Rashelle Sandell Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 02-11-2024
Heather Sander CFO & Sr Vice President for Admin 04-14-2026
Christopher Sanders Center for Diversity & Inclusion 06-17-2025
Suzanne Sanregret General Athletics 01-11-2025
Michael Sayers Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 01-11-2025
Sarah Scarlett Social Sciences 12-17-2023
Heidi Schaaf Financial Services & Operations 02-25-2026
Pauline Schaefer Dean of Students/VP Stu Affairs 07-12-2026
Charles Schaerer Chemistry 10-26-2026
Thomas Schlitt Waino Wahtera Ctr Student Success 08-12-2026
Henry Schmidt Advanced Power Sys Rsch Ctr (APSRC) 08-20-2023
Helen Schmitz Associate VP for Research Devel 10-09-2025
John Schneiderhan Van Pelt and Opie Library 04-05-2025
William Schuett Univ Marketing & Communications 08-20-2024
Sarah Schulte General Counsel 09-06-2026
Richelle Schwaller Vice Pres for Research 03-04-2026
Emily Schwiebert Van Pelt and Opie Library 02-24-2026
Timothy Scullion Budget and Planning 03-15-2027
Dean Seppala Chemistry 06-16-2026
Julie Seppala Associate VP for Finance 08-20-2023
Jamie Sertich International Programs and Services 02-22-2025
Patricia Shannon College Forest Resources & Envr Sci 08-21-2024
Tyler Shelast General Athletics 04-28-2026
Stefanie Sidortsova Univ Marketing & Communications 10-20-2025
Nicholas Sirdenis Mont Ripley 12-21-2025
Jennifer Slack Humanities 05-26-2026
Darnishia Slade Pavlis Honors College 01-09-2025
Ginger Sleeman Business Support Center 03-09-2026
Kerri Sleeman Facilities Management 03-01-2026
Aleksey Smirnov Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences 08-21-2025
Jacque Smith Graduate School 03-28-2026
Joel Smith Associate VP for Research Devel 10-31-2023
Thomas Smith General Athletics 01-30-2024
Alexis Snell College of Sciences & Arts 10-10-2026
Charles Snelson General Athletics 06-03-2025
Wallace Southerland Dean of Students/VP Stu Affairs 04-19-2026
Marina Stack Admissions 08-05-2026
Christopher Stancher Financial Services & Operations 02-25-2026
Jessie Stapleton Pavlis Honors College 04-25-2026
Laurie Stark Van Pelt and Opie Library 04-02-2023
Mary Stevens Office of Advancement 09-19-2023
Nicholas Stevens Budget and Planning 08-21-2024
Rachel Store Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 10-12-2024
Alexis Straub Res Educ & Housing-Other Activities 08-23-2026
Debra Strieter-Baril Admissions 02-25-2026
Jeremy Stringer Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 04-19-2025
Amanda Stump Great Lakes Research Center 04-19-2026
Allison Sturos Human Resources 12-21-2025
John Sturos Facilities Management 10-01-2024
Nikola Subotic Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 01-20-2025
Shane Sullivan Jackson Center for Teach & Learn 09-01-2023
Susan Sullivan Equal Opp Compliance & Title IX 01-01-2026
Emily TNiemi Human Resources 07-23-2025
Tayler Tankersley Office of Advancement 03-21-2026
Joan Tapani Office of Advancement 07-13-2025
Elizabeth Taylor Financial Services & Operations 08-18-2024
Cassy Tefft de Munoz Center for Educational Outreach 08-22-2026
Kathleen Terando Sponsored Programs Office 11-29-2026
Samantha Terry General Athletics 09-17-2025
Brian Thelen Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 02-22-2025
Jared Thelen Residential Dining 11-30-2024
Jessie Tobias Univ Marketing & Communications 01-18-2026
Jeffrey Toorongian Jackson Center for Teach & Learn 02-28-2026
Martin Toth Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 02-28-2026
Ryan Towles Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 02-02-2026
Gary Tropp Information Technology 08-18-2024
Stephanie Tubman Great Lakes Research Center 03-22-2026
Briana Tucker Enterprise 03-01-2026
Connie Tuohimaa Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 06-07-2026
Alan Turnquist CFO & Sr Vice President for Admin 02-01-2025
Shannon Vairo Provost Senior VP for Acad Affairs 11-11-2024
Desiree Valle Univ Marketing & Communications 06-10-2026
Matthew Valleau Admissions 09-13-2026
Karin Van Dyke Office of Advancement 06-25-2025
Joel Vertin Univ Marketing & Communications 05-16-2026
Matthew Vertin Financial Services & Operations 09-02-2025
Cynthia Wadaga Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 03-01-2025
Karen Wade Center for Diversity & Inclusion 02-20-2026
Alan Wakeham Information Technology 06-10-2023
Travis Wakeham Biological Sciences 08-19-2026
Austin Walhof Univ Marketing & Communications 10-05-2026
Matthew Walters Information Technology 03-29-2026
Linda Wanless Jackson Center for Teach & Learn 03-03-2026
Bryant Weathers Office of Advancement 03-24-2026
Elizabeth Weaver Facilities Management 06-27-2023
Adam Webb Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 05-31-2026
Matthew Weekley Res Educ & Housing-Other Activities 11-30-2024
Ashli Wells Graduate School 07-31-2023
Bradley Wells Center for Educational Outreach 04-05-2025
Lindsey Wells Civil, Environ & Geospatial Engrg 03-11-2025
Scott Wendt Environmental Health & Safety 11-12-2023
Michelle Wienert Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 06-24-2026
Claire Wiitanen Physics 05-11-2025
Maryann Wilcox Electrical and Computer Engineering 09-11-2026
Phyllis Williamson College Forest Resources & Envr Sci 02-25-2025
Stefan Wisniewski Chemical Engineering 09-02-2025
Lance Wolfe Innovation & Commercialization 05-27-2026
Sarah Woodruff Ctr Student Mental Health Wellbeing 01-18-2026
Jeremy Worm Advanced Power Sys Rsch Ctr (APSRC) 09-19-2023
Nathaniel Yenor Innovation & Commercialization 08-24-2025
Daniel Yoder Innovation & Commercialization 05-25-2026
Lorraine Young Office of Advancement 04-19-2025
David Zei Van Pelt and Opie Library 08-20-2023
Judy Zei Merchandising Operations 03-09-2024
Paula Zenner Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 03-15-2026
Shangyan Zou Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 09-13-2026
Benjamin Zuniga Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) 12-18-2026