Emeritus/Emerita Rank and Appointment

Emeritus/Emerita faculty status is an honorary rank awarded to a retired faculty member who has served Michigan Technological University with distinction for at least 10 years of full-time employment.


Department Chair/School Dean

  • Department/School makes a recommendation in compliance with procedures included in the department/school charter.
  • The recommendation must be approved by the College deans in the case of Computing, Engineering, and Sciences and Arts.
  • Recommendation must include the proposed title for emeritus rank as elected by the retiree. Senate Policy 20-02 states that, “all emeriti/emeritae have the same rank, Professor Emeritus/Emerita, except that the retired faculty member may elect to retain the title at which they retired.”


  • Review, approve and forward the recommendation to the President.


  • Review, approve and forward the recommendation to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • Once emeriti/emeritae status is approved, president’s office coordinates annual emeritus faculty events.

Board of Trustees

  • Following Board of Trustees approval, board secretary will send a letter to the faculty member congratulating them on their appointment. Copies of the letter will be sent to the following offices:
  • Tech Express
  • College Dean
  • Academic Department Chair
  • Transportation Services
  • Academic Human Resources
  • Michigan Tech Fund (Biographical Records)
  • Public Safety
  • Order and forward plaque with letter to emeritus faculty.
  • Academic Human Resources
  • Records and maintains official list of emeriti/emeritae faculty.
  • Michigan Tech Fund – Biographical Records
  • Maintains current biographical data and provide service for producing lists and labels.

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