Human Resources

Discipline/Discharge of Employees

It is occasionally necessary for the University to discipline, suspend, and/or discharge an employee.  Reasons for discipline, up to and possibly including immediate termination include, but are not limited to:

  • violation of University or departmental rules/conduct
  • failure to properly perform assignments as determined by the University
  • poor performance
  • dishonesty
  • theft (including the theft of such University resources as computer time)
  • drinking alcoholic beverages on the job
  • use of drugs in violation of the Controlled Substance Act, including marijuana as defined by federal law
  • insubordination
  • conduct unbecoming a University employee
  • retaliation -  an adverse action taken against an employee to punish them for engaging in a legally protected activity

Since situations vary, supervisors must consult with the Director of Human Resources prior to initiating any disciplinary action, including suspension and/or termination.  The Director of Human Resources will assist the supervisor to ensure the consistent interpretation of current policies, procedures, contractual obligations and/or precedents set by the University.