What is Banweb?

Michigan Tech employees can access all their employment data from October 1994 to the present online through Banweb. Login using your Initial Sign-on (ISO) username and password to:

  • View history of employee earnings and deductions.
  • Update personal information.
  • Review your benefits plan.
  • Request or update your parking pass.
  • Update your benefits plan during the annual open enrollment period.
  • Review and update tax information.
  • Designate bank accounts for the direct-deposit payroll allocations.

You can access additional tools and features using Banweb, depending on your position at Michigan Tech. For example, EPAF originators and approvers can access their forms through Banweb. Also, if you were a student at Michigan Tech after October 1994, or if you are taking advantage of your education benefit as an employee, you can also access your student records.


How Do I Use  the "Employees" Tab in Banweb?

Benefits Information on Banweb

Payroll Information on Banweb