Graduate School

Applied Natural Resource Economics—MS

With a unique blend of economics, business, forestry, and geology, plus engineering, social sciences, and technical communication, our curriculum emphasizes real-world topics like industry cost structures, environmental issues, public policy analysis, economic theory, and commodity markets. Naturally.

What you’ll work on

Start with core courses, then add electives—making your program truly yours. Recent research areas include mine safety in China, petroleum fiscal regimes under oil price uncertainty, the impact of urban sprawl on natural resources in Michigan, world copper demand and trade, and fish harvesting in Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados.

Sample Areas of Interest

  • Energy Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Mineral Economics
  • Natural Resource Economics

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Who you’ll work with

Work with faculty who are experts in natural resources. Research areas include environmental damage assessment, petroleum taxation regimes with real options, metal market economics and policy, natural resource use and sustainability, natural resource management and policy. Mineral economics studies are a traditional strength of the College.

Faculty Spotlight

Latika Gupta

Latika Gupta
Assistant Professor of Economics,
Applied Natural Resource Economics

“It’s all about oil . . . almost.”

Energy economics is highly interdisciplinary, studying the role of energy in society from an economic perspective. Gupta sees how it relates directly to research on oil markets and renewable energy and its effects on the American economy—big issues in both the classroom and the boardroom.

Where you’ll work

In this thesis-based program, graduates develop specialized knowledge in the economics of natural resources and the environment, an ability to evaluate resource projects, and will be capable of independent analysis using appropriate research tools to effectively communicate analytical results. The flexible program is grounded in economic analysis, project evaluation, and statistical analysis. Our graduates are employed around the globe.