Obtaining Degree Certification

Provisional Certification

The Graduate School will issue a letter of provisional certification if requested by the student. The student must have completed all the requirements for an advanced degree, including submitting the thesis, dissertation, or report to the Graduate School. A provisional certification may be needed if an employer requires proof of degree completion well in advance of official certification of the degree. A provisional certification is generally not available for a coursework student, since all grades need to be submitted prior to awarding a degree. Contact the Graduate School for additional assistance.

Official Certification

The Board of Trustees receives and approves the list of degree recipients at its next regular meeting after the end of the semester. That meeting date is the conferral date for the degrees, but the effective date is the end of the semester in which the student finishes. After the end of the semester in which the student finishes, the degree awarded will appear on the student's transcript. Students may request an official transcript to obtain proof of their degree before receiving a diploma.


The Graduate School office authorizes and mails the diplomas approximately six weeks after the end of the semester in which the student finishes. It is important to keep the Graduate School informed of current addresses. A replacement diploma costs $35. Duplicate diplomas can be ordered through the Registrar's Office.