Graduate School

Medical and University Withdrawals

Graduate students may withdraw from the University for either personal or medical reasons following the procedures below.


University Withdrawal

If a student decides or needs to withdraw from the University, it is important that the student takes steps necessary to formally withdraw. A form for withdrawal is available in the Registrar's Office.

  • Failure to withdraw formally may result in the assignment of "F" grades.
  • Students supported by an assistantship must notify their program, department, and advisor of their decision to withdraw.

What if a student plans to return to Michigan Tech?

Students who plan to return at a later date should register for one of the continuous enrollment courses. A student who fails to continuously enroll during academic year semesters will be dropped from their graduate program. Such students will need to apply for readmission if they choose to re-enter their graduate degree program.

What about students called to active duty military service?

Students called to active duty are guaranteed readmission upon completion of active service. Enrolled Michigan Tech students who are called to active military duty will be given the opportunity to work out the best possible solution for maintaining their academic status. They must choose one of the following options before departing for active service:

  • Leave for active service with a tuition refund of 100 percent. Refunds involving financial aid will be adjudicated to decrease the payback required from the student to the lowest possible amount.
  • Agree that temporary grades will be issued for enrolled courses. The temporary grades will be P for Progress or I for Incomplete. In some cases, arrangements can be made to complete the course work while on active duty. Otherwise, the student may complete the courses when he or she returns to the University.
  • Work with their department and the graduate school to maintain continuous enrollment through UN5951 until they can return to campus.

Medical Withdrawal

Students who find it necessary to withdraw due to medical reasons may apply for a medical withdrawal. There will be no distinction made in the student's record between mental and physical illness or between cases initiated by the University and cases initiated by the student.

How does a student request a medical withdrawal?

Written requests for medical withdrawals should be submitted to the Graduate School.

  • Requests should cite the reason for the withdrawal.
  • Students should arrange to have written documentation regarding the nature of their illness and the need for a medical withdrawal submitted directly to the Graduate School by a physician or a mental health professional via fax or mail.
    • Medical documentation cannot be accepted via email.
    • Please see the bottom of this page for a mailing address and fax number.

What happens with a medical withdrawal?

Upon approval, all credits in which a student is currently enrolled will be dropped and a hold will be put on the student's account until the student is able to return to the University. Upon approval, the Graduate School will also contact the student's advisor, instructors, and graduate program director to notify them that the student has been granted a medical withdrawal.

  • While on medical withdrawal, the continuous enrollment requirement will be waived.
  • However, the time limit to earn the degree will not be automatically extended.

How does a student resume their graduate studies?

Before the student may return, they must submit a written request to return from medical leave to the Graduate School.

  • This request must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student wishes to return.
  • At the same time, written documentation verifying that the student is ready to return should be submitted directly to the Graduate School, by a physician or mental health professional via fax or mail.
    • Medical documentation cannot be accepted via email.
    • Please see the bottom of this page for a mailing address and fax number.
  • The Graduate School will review the submitted materials and will notify the student with a decision in a timely fashion.

Involuntary Medical Withdrawal

In those cases where a counseling and/or medical evaluation indicates that it is necessary for a student to withdraw from Michigan Technological University, and the student refuses to withdraw voluntarily, an involuntary withdrawal may be imposed by the Dean of Students (in the case of undergraduate students) or by the Dean of the Graduate School (in the case of graduate students).  The procedures to implement this policy are available here.

Refund Schedule

University Withdrawal Schedule

The following tuition adjustment schedule applies when students drop ALL classes and leave the University. This does NOT apply to students making schedule adjustments who otherwise remain enrolled at Michigan Tech. Refunds for classes offered in a time module other than a fourteen week semester will be prorated according to this schedule and the equivalent percentage of time. Refunds of room and board charges will be pro-rated by the number of weeks used.

Time of Withdrawal Refund Percentage
1st Week—Through Wednesday 100%
1st Week—Thursday and Friday 90%
2nd Week 80%
3rd Week 70%
4th Week 60%
5th Week 50%
6th Week 40%
7th Week or Later 0%