Scholastic Standards

Graduate students must earn grades that meet the scholastic standards of the Graduate School in order to apply the credits earned to a graduate degree or graduate certificate. Courses taken as a graduate student with grades that have not met the scholastic standards of the Graduate School may be repeated.

What are the scholastic standards?

To apply credits earned in non-research courses to a graduate degree or graduate certificate, the courses:

  • Must be graded. Pass/fail, audit, or satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades cannot be used on a degree schedule, except for research credits.
  • Must have a grade of “B” or better. This requirement can be adjusted at the discretion of a student's graduate program to allow for use of “BC/C” grades in up to six (6) credits.

Students must also maintain good standing to continue pursuing their degree.

How is the overall GPA calculated?

Any regularly graded course will affect overall GPA even if it is not listed on the submitted degree schedule. If a course will not be used to meet the degree requirements it may be audited or taken pass/fail so as to not affect GPA. A GPA Estimator is available on the Registrar's page.

What other policies affect grades?

Grades are assigned in accordance with University procedures. The following resources address the University policies regarding grades.

Where is additional information?

The full text of this policy is in Senate Proposal 4-12 and amended in Proposal 17-13. Note that programs may set higher or additional scholastic standards.