Graduate School

Appointment of Graduate Faculty


The graduate faculty consists primarily of Michigan Tech tenure and tenure-track academic faculty (assistant professors, associate professors, and professors) who have been appointed by the dean of the Graduate School. Tenure and tenure-track faculty appointments at the University are associated with automatic appointment to the graduate faculty. Tenure and tenure-track faculty who are awarded emeritus status upon retirement remain members of the graduate faculty.

The graduate faculty also includes others with an ongoing professional relationship with Michigan Tech who are willing and qualified to contribute to the University’s graduate programs. Such individuals typically have been appointed as research, part-time, visiting, or adjunct faculty members, or lecturers or instructors. These people are nominated to the dean of the Graduate School for appointment to the graduate faculty by the department chair and college dean or school dean of the academic unit that most closely matches the nominee’s area of expertise. Nominees must possess either the terminal degree in their field or be able to demonstrate that their academic training and professional experience qualify them for appointment. All nominations should be made using the recommendation for graduate faculty appointment form and must include a copy of the nominee’s vitae.

Individuals with no formal appointment at Michigan Tech and individuals who do not qualify for full appointment to the graduate faculty may apply for an ad hoc appointment to the graduate faculty if they are interested in being a part of a graduate student’s committee and they have the potential to make substantive contributions to that student’s education. Ad hoc appointments terminate with the completion of the particular task for which the appointment was granted. Ad hoc graduate faculty are considered external members of graduate students’ committees.

Members of the graduate faculty who leave the University may, upon request of the chair of the department or dean of the school affected, remain on the graduate faculty in ad hoc status until all of the students they are advising or serving on committees for leave the University.


Members of the graduate faculty are eligible to teach graduate courses (5000- and 6000-level). They may supervise master's and PhD students, and serve as examining members on master's and PhD committees. Faculty with adjunct status in a department or school may not serve as the external examining member on committees for students in that department.

Persons who are not members of the graduate faculty may teach 5000- and 6000-level courses only after obtaining written approval from the dean of the Graduate School. Requests for permission should be prepared by department chairs or school deans and should include a completed request for permission to teach graduate courses form and a copy of the nominee’s vitae. This documentation should be forwarded to the dean of the Graduate School who will approve or decline the request.

Review of Graduate Faculty

Department chairs and college/school deans are expected to continually review the performance of all individuals in their respective units holding graduate faculty appointments. When, in a chair’s or dean’s professional judgment, a faculty member holding a graduate faculty appointment is no longer satisfactorily functioning in this capacity, s/he must recommend to the dean of the Graduate School that the individual in question be removed from the graduate faculty. The dean of the Graduate School may also initiate the removal process in consultation with the appropriate chair and/or dean.

See also the faculty handbook.