The majority of financial assistance for graduate students at Michigan Tech comes from assistantships. An assistantship includes a stipend, and a proportional amount of tuition and academic fees for full-time enrollment. Assistantship duties are designed to enhance your graduate education experience and provide professional development opportunities. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to receive assistantships.

How do I apply for an assistantship?

The Graduate School online application forms are also regarded as application forms for assistantships.

Who awards assistantships?

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships are usually awarded through a students’ program department. Most research assistantships are funded by faculty research grants. All departments with graduate programs support students through teaching assistantships. Positions associated with research grants or contracts are available through some programs and research centers. Talk to the director of your graduate program for more information.

When will I know if I am awarded an assistantship?

In general, assistantships are awarded in March and April for the following academic year. Recipients of awards are notified as soon as the awards are made.

Full-Time to Quarter-Time Appointment

Regular assistantship appointments are for half-time work (20 hours/week), but programs can divide appointments, resulting in three-quarter, one-half, or one-quarter of regular appointments (with proportional adjustments of the stipend, tuition, and fees as shown in the table below). Students’ work load assignments, including teaching preparation and grading of papers, should not exceed the level of their appointments.


Assistantship AppointmentStipend SupportWork Expectation (hrs/week)Percentage of Tuition Supported*
*All students with an assistantship must register for nine credits. The tuition cap of the graduate program determines the maximum amount of tuition support for a regular assistantship. Students on partial support will be funded for a percentage of the tuition cap for their program.


Minimum Stipend Levels: Students on assistantships are paid bi-weekly. Our chart breaks up the different levels of pay based on student status toward degree completion.