Resources for Undergraduate Students

Studying hard, using the resources available to you, and making some time to experience all the Keweenaw has to offer are all part of the Michigan Tech experience. Use this guide to assist you in the pursuit of your academic goals, and to connect with other students, the campus, and the community.

Campus and Community

Pursue Your Goals

Plan your schedule and sign up for classes. An advisor can help you stay on track as you work toward your goals.

Find Support

Profit from the experience of others, and receive inspiration from those who share your passion.

Get Involved

Work and study hard, but also find time for fun. Whether birding, biking, snowshoeing, or joining a club you can unwind and meet new people.

Explore the Community

Have a life outside of class. You're living in one of the top-ten best places in the country!

Opportunities for Engineering Students