Recommended Graduate Course Sequences

After identifying an area of interest, choose courses that are of interest and meet the guidelines given in your program.

Simply stated, you must meet each condition given in those guidelines for a particular degree. For example, if you are pursuing a Coursework MS, you must have 18 credits minimum of 5000–6000 AND 12 credits maximum 4000 series courses AND 3 credits maximum of EE 5805. That is, you should "logically AND" each of the requirements in a given list. Courses chosen from other engineering disciplines—math, physics, or materials science—are all permitted. Within the ECE department, recommended course sequences are given below. Check the Schedule of Classes for actual on-campus and online offerings.

Courses by Area


Computer Engineering

Signals and Systems



Courses by Upcoming Semester

Last updated April 5, 2023. Always check the Schedule of Classes for actual offerings.

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