Staff Directory

Judy Burl

  • Academic Advisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Provides academic advising for undergraduates in Electrical Engineering,
    Robotics Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering
  • Advises double-majors
  • Advisor for EE Minor
  • Meets with prospective students and their families 
  • Serves on Undergraduate Programs Committee (UPC) 
  • Likes hiking and skiing

Liz Fujita

  • Academic Advisor and Outreach Specialist, Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Academic advising for Computer Engineering undergraduate students. 
  • Coordinates a wide variety of outreach efforts for ECE department.
  • Proud Huskies alumna ('12).
  • Avid reader, podcast listener, and board game enthusiast. Liz also enjoys vegetable gardening, mountain biking, hiking, running, and keeping backyard chickens.
Andy Gross

Andy Gross

  • Managing Director, Microfabrication Facility
  • Staff, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sarah Oberloier

Sarah Oberloier

  • Administrative Aide, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Graduate Program Coordinator


  • Assists graduate students with forms, deadlines, stipend support, and policies related to degree completion
  • General departmental support
  • Undergraduate and graduate student payroll requests
John Pakkala

John Pakkala

  • Graduate Academic Advisor/Instructor
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chuck Sannes

Chuck Sannes

  • Laboratory Supervisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Lab maintenance
  • Lab equipment calibration
  • Circuit board fabrication
  • Senior Design/Enterprise support
  • Research support
Mark Sloat

Mark Sloat

  • Research Associate, Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Safety Liaison for ECE Department
  • Maintain and repair laboratory equipment in undergraduate and research labs
  • Printed circuit board fabrication for undergraduate and research programs
  • Assist students with electrical/electronic design in senior design and enterprise programs

Maryann Wilcox

  • Office Manager, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Technical Communications Specialist


  • Budget Manager
  • Liaison for Sponsored Programs
  • Communications, Marketing and Social Media Liaison
  • General Departmental Operations
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Payroll Manager
  • Administrative Support for the Chair