Our Mission

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has been a world leader in providing quality education since 1928.  Our mission is threefold, aimed at not only students, faculty, and industry, but also the community on a local and national level:

  • We prepare students for careers in industry, academia, or government by fostering in them the technical capabilities and interpersonal skills necessary to succeeding in their fields, as well as the foundation for lifelong learning.
  • We lead the way in electrical-, computer-, and robotics-engineering-based research and other scholarly activities.
  • We provide technical leadership, guidance, and support to industry, the local and national governments, and the general public.

World-Renowned Research

Researching how to tap into unused frequencies that could revolutionize communications. Designing ways for components in small electrical grids to share power equally. Identifying the photonic-energy powerhouse of the universe. What’s the common thread here, besides the potential for cosmic applications? These projects can be found on the curriculum vitae of both graduate and faculty researchers in the department. In our world-class research community, we have a good track record of garnering support, affording researchers the opportunity to contribute scientific advancements and knowledge to society—with a reach that extends to the nation, the world, or even beyond. Research opportunities are not limited to faculty and graduate students; undergraduates work alongside many faculty members in our multimillion-dollar labs, which feature cutting-edge equipment—from lasers, microprobes, and robots to anechoic chambers and more. And student-led Enterprises and Senior Design groups, under the guidance of faculty members, are always seeking opportunities from industry to collaborate on research and projects.

Faculty Leadership

Our experienced faculty members stay current with their fields through various research and consulting activities, as well as through membership and appointments in professional societies. Faculty members in the department are involved with numerous organizations in their professional activities.