Electrical and Computer Engineering—MS

Seek Emerging Pathways

This new degree allows students to determine a flexible mix of coursework in electrical and computer engineering, engineering from related fields, physical sciences, and computer science to meet their educational and career goals. Pursue graduate study in electrical energy systems, robotics, signal and image processing, communications, embedded systems, electro-magnetics, optics, and photonics. Learn the connections between hardware, software, and the physical world. Explore the convergence of electrical engineering and computer engineering.

A Flexible Program

  • There are no required courses.
  • Applicants with undergraduate backgrounds in electrical engineering, computer science, physics, mechanical engineering, and other diverse areas are welcome.
  • Students benefit from an interdisciplinary yet rigorous program.
  • The Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE) program is offered both on campus and online.

The curriculum structure of the MSECE program has three options: Coursework, Report, and Thesis. All require 30 credits of graduate work beyond the BS degree.

MS Options

Tailored to Meet Your Goals

There are no required courses in this program. However, the Graduate Academic Advisor and the departmental faculty will help the students tailor programs to fit their interests and needs. All course options must be approved by the graduate program.

The credit requirements for the three options are summarized in the table below.

  Coursework Report Thesis
5000 level EE, CS, BE, MA, MEEM, or PH 18 minimum 12 minimum 12 minimum
4000 level courses 12 maximum 12 maximum 9 maximum
Co-op credits (included in above) 3 maximum 3 maximum 3 maximum
Research credits 0 2-6 6-10

Choose an Online Focus

The coursework option also features an online focus area.

Current Students

Students can finish in their program or switch to the new MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

MS in Electrical Engineering (Closed)

There are 3 options available for the MS: research, projects, or coursework.

MS in Computer Engineering (Closed)

There are 3 options available for the MS: research, projects, or coursework.

  • 30 approved credits minimum
  • 18 credits of 5000 level or higher CS and EE courses, with a minimum of 6 CS credits and a minimum of 6 EE credits contributing to the 18 credits required here
  • 12 credits maximum of 3000-4000 level if approved by Graduate Academic Advisor
  • 3 credits maximum of co-op work experience
  • Responsible Conduct of Research on-line course or UN5001
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or better required. Up to 6 credits of BC or C may be used to fulfill
    graduation requirements as long as the overall GPA of 3.0 is attained
  • Grades lower than C may not be used to fulfill graduation requirements.