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Ron Van Dell '79

Alumni spotlight | A new way to harvest solar energy "A lot of people think of solar panels as being all there is to solar," says Ron Van Dell, President and CEO of Austin-based SolarBridge Technologies. "They tend to think if panels were cheaper, then solar would be affordable. But, with the price of solar panels falling fast, what used to be the dominant cost . . .


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Kristin Tolentino


Alumna finds her dream and her niche. When she was but a youngster, Kristin Nelson Tolentino, of Ashland, Wisconsin, had a dream of working at Disneyland. So where does this 2001 alumna, age thirty, work these days? At Disneyland, of course. “I’m sort of amazed by it,” she says.

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Charles Putnam


Mr. Putnam began his career at Clark Controller Company in 1950. He attended Cleveland-Marshall Law School evenings and earned a J.D. law degree in 1955 becoming General and Patent Counsel for the Clark Controller Company. In 1963, Charlie began his career with Whirlpool Corporation as a Patent Attorney. After holding several key executive positions, he was elected to the position of Executive Vice President of Administration . . .

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Derek Chapel


Why did you choose Michigan Tech? Michigan Tech has a well-deserved reputation for being a great engineering school. I wanted to become an engineer, and growing up in Northern Michigan I am the type of person who is used to winter weather and likes to do things outdoors. I decided Tech was a great place for me to go and get away from home, yet still get in-state tuition, and be able to do lots of outdoor activities . . .

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