Computer Science

Master of Science Degree Requirements

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Below is a brief overview of degree requirements within the Department of Computer Science. For an full explanation of requirements please visit the Graduate School, Master of Science requirements page.  Note that the department rules can be stricter than the Graduate School rules.

General Requirements

  • Choose an Advisor.  Choose an Advisor in the first year (no later than the middle of the second semester).
  • Complete 30 total approved credits.
  • You must earn a grade of "B" or better in all courses
  • Satisfy theory requirement by successful completion of CS5321 and CS5311.
  • Satisfy breadth requirement by successful completion of two graduate or senior-level undergraduate courses in each of Category A and Category B listed in the graduate handbook Section 2.4.1.
  • Complete a Breadth Requirement Form if you are wishing to count non-Michigan Tech courses toward the breadth requirement. 

MS Options

  • Choose an a plan. (A, B, or D)
  • Present a research/project proposal. (A or B)
  • Complete a thesis or project. (A or B)
  • Complete an oral thesis or project defense. (A or B)