Annual Highlights, 2020-21


  • 19 Tenure-track/Tenured
  • 3 Lecturer Track

Student Enrollment

  • Computer Science BS: 443
  • Computer Science MS: 30
  • Computer Science PhD: 26
  • Software Engineering BS: 96
  • Cybersecurity MS: 6

New Faculty

  • Briana Bettin, Assistant Professor
    • Areas of Expertise: User Experience; Human Factors; Education, Engagement, and Retention
  • Junqiao Qiu, Assistant Professor
    • Areas of Expertise: Parallel Computing; Programming Systems; Compiler Optimization
  • Leo Ureel, Assistant Professor
    • Areas of Expertise: Software Engineering; Computer Science Education; Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Funding Highlights

  • Cai, Y., Arney, T., Mayo, J., Ten, C., Chen, B., CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service Program at Michigan Tech, NSF
  • Barnard, A., Brown, L., Cai, Y., Havens, T., ONR STEM ROTC Cyber Education Initiate, US DoD
  • Wallace, C., Ureel II, L., Havens, T., Barnard, A., Redesign and Implementation of USDS Proxy Language-Phase II, ARiA
  • Havens, T., Barnard, A., Shankara, G., Meadows, G., DURIP: Acoustic Sensing System and High-Throughout Computing for Environment and Threat, US DoD
  • Oommen, T., Havens, T., Meadows, G. SCC-CIVIC-PG Track B: Helping Rural Counties to Enhance Flooding and Coastal Disaster Resilience and Adaption, NSF
  • Pastel, R., Morgan, C., ENTERPRISE: Real Time Strategy Game for Military Commanders, National Center for the Advancement of STEM Education
  • Hatti, N., Walker, J., Morgan, C., ENTERPRISE: Interactive Website Design for Multiple Hospitality Venues, Destination Calumet LLC
  • Qiu, J., CRII: SHF: GPU-accelerated FSM computations with advanced speculation, NSF


  • J. Walker, S. Carr, A. Radwan, Y. Hu, Y. Cheng, J. Mayo, and CK Shene, “A Visualization for Teaching Integer Coercion,” one of three Best Poster Awards at 26th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE)
  • N. Chen, B. Chen, W. Shi, "MobiWear: A Plausibly Deniable Encryption System for Wearable Mobile Devices," Best Paper Award at The First EAI International Conference on Applied Cryptography in Computer and Communications (EAI AC3 2021)

Student Highlights

  • In Spring 2021 NCL cybersecurity competition, the MTU RedTeam completed 100% of the challenges earning a 3rd place in the team game, out of 922 teams from hundreds of universities across the US
  • A team of MTU students qualified for the ICPC North America Division Championships