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The Department of Computer Science hosts a variety of lectures, seminars, and other events throughout the academic year.

Friday Afternoon Lecture Series, AY 2020-21

All lectures take place via Zoom online meeting from 3 to 4 p.m.


Beth Veinott

February 12: Beth Veinott, Associate Professor, CLS

Vijay Garg

February 19: Vijay Garg, UT Austin


Meryl Spencer

February 26: Meryl Spencer, Research Scientist, MTRI

Hongyu An

March 5: Hongyu An Assistant Professor, Applied Computing


Kelly Steelman

March 19: Kelly Steelman, Department Chair, Associate Professor, CLS

Qun Li

April 23: Qun Li

Computer Science Department

March 26: TBD

Computer Science Department

April 9: TBD

Computer Science Department

April 2: TBD

Computer Science Department

April 16: TBD

Previous Lectures in this Series

Lan Zhang

January 15: Lan Zhang, Assistant Professor, ECE

"Augmenting Radio Environments for Better Wireless Ecosystems"

Learn more about Lan Zhang, Assistant Professor, ECE

Sidike Paheding

December 11, 2020: Sidike Paheding, Assistant Professor, AC 

Learn more about Sidike Paheding, Applied Computing

Joel LeBlanc

December 4, 2020:  Joel LeBlanc, Sr. Research Scientist, MTRI

Learn more about Joel LeBlanc, MTRI

Richard Ladner

November 13, 2020:  Richard Ladner, Univ. of Washington

Presented by the ICC and the Human-Centered Computing (HCC) research group.

Learn more about Richard Ladner, Univ. of Washington.

Junqiao Qiu

November 6, 2020:  Junqiao Qiu, Assistant Professor, CS

Learn more about Junqiao Qiu, Computer Science