Prepare for Registration - Spring 2024

Getting Started

Review your interactive degree audit. This compares your current course work against the specific requirements that are in place for your degree program. It is recommended that you run your audit before and after your register.

You can also view sample degree flowcharts. Please note that you must be logged into your Michigan Tech e-mail to view.

After viewing these resources, you are encouraged to schedule a meeting with your academic advisor if you have additional questions! You are strongly recommended to meet with your advisor at least once a semester to review your progress.

When to Register

Registration for fall courses will start Sunday, October 22 for graduate students and student veterans. Registration will then continue to open for other students through Sunday, November 12 based on the amount of credits you have earned currently. You can view the complete priority schedule on the Registrar's website.

After the initial registration period, it will then close for a few days so departments can make any course changes and then reopen on Tuesday, November 14.

Registration for summer courses also remains open throughout this period.

How to Register

The Registrar's Office, located on the first floor of the Administration Building, is committed to providing exceptional service. There are a lot of great resources to help you through the process of registering for courses on their website, including:

Updated Capstone Course

Each year our department reviews and updates our curriculum. Our previous capstone courses (BL 4510 and 4530) have been replaced with a single course: BL 4600 - Professional Capstone in Biological Sciences.

Please contact Travis Wakeham ( with any questions regarding this change.

Elective Courses

These courses are only offered on alternative years, so plan accordingly! 

MLS Curriculum Changes

Medical Laboratory Science majors should consult Brigitte ( or Sarah ( concerning updates to the curriculum. A new course will be offered next fall that is strongly recommended students take!

How Do I Enroll in Research Credits?

Whether you are planning to go to graduate school or pursue a career upon graduation, one of the factors that often gives our students an edge is the opportunity to engage in research.

Students often consider enrolling in undergraduate research credits after they have completed foundational courses at the beginning of junior year. However, students are welcome to begin collaborating on a research project at any time. 

Intimidated by research and not sure where to start? Check out our undergraduate research page for resources.

After creating a research plan with a faculty member. Please fill out the form below to request to be registered for research credits (BL 4000 or BL 4995).

Help, a course I need next semester is already full!

This is bound to happen sometimes. Don't panic. First, attempt to register for all your courses using available sections. If there is another section open, try rearranging your schedule if possible to accommodate.

If you're unable to rearrange your schedule, please submit your information via our waitlist. Priority will be given to those who need a course in order to stay on track for the nearest graduation terms.