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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is a real thing at Michigan Tech. So real we pay students for 126,000 hours of research every year! Research gives you an opportunity not only to work alongside professors, but to develop skills that set you apart. Whether you’re looking to continue your studies in graduate school, medical school, or are just fascinated by learning at a different level, there’s a research opportunity here for you.

Many students find research opportunities by connecting with a favorite professor. You can also participate in our Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). SURF provides annual awards of up to $4,000 to undergraduate students who conduct a research project under the guidance of a Michigan Tech faculty mentor during the summer semester.

Take Sarah, an applied ecology and environmental science student, who works on the peatland mesocosm experiment with her faculty advisor. She studies 10cm cube pieces of peat from 2,000 blocks at five specific depths to determine what happened to the more than 1,000- year-old sedges and grasses that once grew in the peatland of Meadowlands, MN.

Peat not your thing? Here are other projects Michigan Tech students work on:

  • Applied geophysics: Investigation of Chondrules in the Allende Meteorite as Recorders of the Ancient Solar Nebula's Magnetic Field Strength
  • Biomedical engineering: Evaluating Novel Biodegradable Stent Materials
  • Wildlife management and ecology: Assessing Mammalian Assemblages Along Senegal's Largest Artisanal Gold Mine
  • Electrical engineering: Real-time Monitoring of Bone Healing Through Wireless Detection of Stress on the Fixation Plate
  • Mathematics: Building Decision Trees from Low-rank Approximations of Data

Many of our undergraduate research students present at national conferences and publish articles in peer-review journals before graduating. Real research adds real value.

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Learning on—and from—the lake

Transported on our state-of-the-art, floating laboratory—Research Vessel (RV) Agassiz—students, scientists, and educators study air and water quality in the Earth's largest freshwater ecosystem.

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My Michigan Tech: Logan McMillan

SURF. REU. Researching diabetes and sickle cell anemia. Making medical devices. "I've done quite a few things."