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Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences Undergraduate Overview

Are you looking for an opportunity to do cutting-edge research in topics including plant biochemistry and molecular biology, human ecosystems, human diseases, genetics and physiology, microbiology, and aquatic biology and ecology? Check out our majors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Biology Focus, Bioinformatics, Biological Sciences, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Human Biology, and Medical Laboratory Science. Please contact twakeham@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Welcome From Department Chair
00:03:29 – Department Overview
00:08:26 – Majors and Minors
00:17:25 – Pre-health Resources
00:19:43 – Lab Tour
00:25:45 – Meet Our Current Students
00:31:50 – Questions and Answers

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Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Cognitive and Learning Sciences Undergraduate Overview

Are you searching for a research-based Psychology major focused on improving people’s lives? Hear more about how our undergraduate students work on research projects in human behavior using our cutting-edge research facilities and equipment, leading to improvements in performance, health, decisions, and safety. Please contact cls@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Department Overview
00:08:29 – Research Applications

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College of Computing Undergraduate Overview

Check out our diverse selection of majors, including Computer Network and System Administration, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Electrical Engineering Technology, Mechatronics, Software Engineering, and our first-year computing undecided program, General Computing. Please contact csadvisor@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:51 – Student Research
00:12:05 – Meet our Advisor
00:14:03 – Meet our Department Chair
00:15:23 – Questions and Answers


Chemistry Undergraduate Overview

Bring your questions and find out how our programs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – Chemistry Focus, Cheminformatics, Chemistry, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry prepare our students for many paths, including the workforce, professional programs in law or health fields, and graduate programs in areas such as materials, pharmaceutical research, biochemistry, polymers, bioengineering, and environmental fields. Please contact jelbrown@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:11 – Meet your advisor and the current chemistry students
00:04:00 – Why Chemistry at Michigan Tech
00:12:31 – Current Student Perspective
00:30:47 – Questions and Answers

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First-Year Engineering Overview

What should you expect during your first year of engineering? What if you are not sure which area of engineering fits you best? Host Brett Hamlin answers these and many other questions regarding engineering at Tech. This recording starts with the information session, then the panel addresses questions from participants. Please contact efadvise@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:03:40 – What to expect in engineering at Tech
00:06:41 – ENG 1101: Engineering Analysis and Problem Solving
00:08:52 – First-year engineering cohort model explication
00:10:17 – ENG 1102: Engineering Modeling and Design
00:15:00 – Solidifying your major choice
00:17:47 – Current students' perspectives on the first-year engineering program
00:22:19 – Question and Answer 

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Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Overview

Love doing research? The undergraduate research options are plentiful in our Biomedical Engineering. See how we combine biology and engineering to solve complex problems on the front lines of biology, medicine, and research and development. Please contact biomed@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Meet Our Department Chair
00:01:79 – Department Overview
*The remainder of our video was not recorded due to privacy laws with the research we conduct. Please reach out if you would like to know more.

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Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Overview

Do you want to solve problems using a toolbox filled with math and science knowledge? Do you also learn better by doing? Check out why our Chemical Engineering major might be perfect for you! Please contact cmadvise@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:01:13 – Department Overview
00:08:38 – Lab Tour
00:21:31 – Ways We Are Unique
00:24:29 – Corporate Connections
00:26:03 – Questions and Answers
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Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering Undergraduate Overview

Do you want to learn how to plan, design, build, and manage the facilities that are essential to society? Are you interested in protecting the environment and human health by applying their knowledge of chemistry, biology, math, and physics in creative and fulfilling ways? Have you been looking for a way to combine a love of mathematics, computing, and the outdoors? Hear how our programs in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Geospatial Engineering can do that and so much more. Please contact cee@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Meet the Department Chair and Academic Advisor
00:01:17 – Current Student Perspective
00:03:22 – Department Overview
00:15:00 – Senior Design and Experiential Learning
00:36:51 – Student Success Center
00:44:49 – Recommendation for Undecided Majors
00:46:35 – Questions and Answers

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Computer, Electrical, and Robotics Engineering Undergraduate Overview

Looking for a department with laboratory-based learning, real-world design, and engineering entrepreneurship? Join the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering to see how our majors in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Robotics Engineering offer that and so much more. Please contact eceadvise@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:03:26 – Department introduction
00:11:26 – Student-led lab tour
00:18:45 – Student-led Enterprise tour
00:28:07 – Program details including sub-fields
00:36:10 – Question and Answer

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Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences Undergraduate Overview

Michigan Tech is the only school that offers all four degrees (Geological Engineering, Mining Engineering, Applied Geophysics, and Geology) from one department. See how our diversity of programming, small class sizes, and hands-on and field orientated curriculum sets us apart from every other program in the nation. Please contact geo@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Meet Members of our Department
00:04:57 – Department Overview
00:18:37 – Where can I go for help?
00:19:40 – The Interdisciplinary Nature of the Geosciences
00:26:45 – Research Opportunities
00:32:53 – Career Opportunities
00:43:19 – Questions and Answers
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Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology Undergraduate Overview

Are you interested in bridging the engineer’s theoretical world and the practical approach of a skilled workforce? Join us to learn why Mechanical Engineering Technology is an excellent fit for students looking for a hands-on approach to mechanical engineering. Please contact mmet@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:35 – Introduction to the Department
00:03:05 – Meet Your Advisor
00:03:22 – Department Overview
00:04:17 – First Year Courses
00:09:40 – Machine Shop
00:17:21 – Senior Projects
00:32:27 – Enterprise
00:42:13 – Questions and Answers
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Materials Science and Engineering Undergraduate Overview

Learn more about how our Material Science and Engineering students lead the pack due to their access to advanced material processing, characterization, and property measurements and use of advanced computational and simulation tools. Please contact kampe@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:16 – Meet Our Department
00:03:26 – Department Overview
00:19:35 – Career Opportunities
00:23:43 – What Makes Our Program Unique
00:26:26 – Enterprise Program
00:28:58 – Questions and Answers

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Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Overview

Want to learn to design components, devices, systems, and processes that will help solve today’s most significant challenges in health care, transportation, climate change, and more while working in industries such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical, communications, nanotechnology, and power-generation. Find out why our Mechanical Engineering major is right for you! Please contact pmstein@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Department Information
00:04:38 – Mechanical Engineering Practice 4 Course
00:10:52 – Student Designed/Built Satellites and the Aerospace Enterprise
00:20:29 – NASA Moon Project
00:27:12 – Embroidered Soft Robotics
00:34:55 – AutoDrive Autonomous Vehicle Competition
00:41:38 – Questions and Answers

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Forest Resources and Environmental Science

College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Undergraduate Overview

Interested in essential industries, working outdoors, or ensuring sustainable use of resources? Join the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science to learn more about Forestry, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Applied Ecology and Environmental Science, Natural Resources Management, and Sustainable Bioproducts. Please contact forest@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:02:27 – Meet the Dean of the College and Departmental Overview
00:09:00 – Meet Our Outreach Assistant (aka the person who can answer TON of questions for you)
00:09:53 – Current Student Perspective
00:31:08 – Meet Our Faculty
00:36:45 – Questions and Answers

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Humanities Undergraduate Overview

Learn how our unique combination of majors (Communication, Culture, and Media; English; Humanities - Associates; Scientific and Technical Communication) allows our students and faculty to work at the intersections of communication, composition, literature, modern languages, philosophy, rhetoric, visual studies, linguistics, gender studies, and technical communication. Please contact humanities@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Welcome and Department Overview
00:03:25 – Communications, Culture and Media
00:06:30 – English
00:17:11 – Scientific and Technical Communications
00:28:07 – Humanities Digital Media Zone Tour
00:37:22 – Questions and Answers

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Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology Undergraduate Overview

Learn why our majors in Exercise Science and Sports and Fitness Management are among the best in the state at preparing students for pre-professional graduate programs such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Medical School. Please contact kip@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Meet Your Advisor
00:03:21 – Meet the Faculty
00:05:12 – Career Options
00:06:36 – What Classes Will I Be Taking?
00:11:06 – How to Maximize Your Degree
00:16:02 – H-STEM Building Project Update
00:17:30 – What About After College?
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Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences Undergraduate Overview

Check out how our majors in Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Statistics utilize our small-class sizes and breadth of course offerings to customize their experience and prepare them for some of the United States' fast-growing careers. Please contact mathdept@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Department Overview
00:14:19 – Current Student Perspective
00:25:01 – Questions and Answers

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Physics Undergraduate Overview

Meet our department and see how our student to faculty ratio of about 3 to 1 gives our majors in Applied Physics and Physics access to small class sizes, personalized mentoring, and extensive opportunities to do research, setting them on the path for successful careers. Please contact physics@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Meet Your Advisor and Department Chair
00:03:17 – Department Overview
00:11:02 – Questions and Answers

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Undecided on Your Major

Undecided on Your Major Undergraduate Overview

Are you having trouble deciding on a major? Do you have a lot of interests and are not sure which one to pursue? Learn how Michigan Tech can help you find a major that best suits your interests, talents, and values. Please contact samatthe@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:01:35 – Why being undecided is a smart choice
00:04:55 – The fear of not having a major
00:08:30 – What support does Michigan Tech have for undecided students
00:09:21 – Advising in college versus advising in high school
00:10:57 – Overview of the class SA1000 "Exploring Majors at Michigan Tech"
00:23:10 – A current student's perspective on being undecided
00:25:31 – Question and Answer

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Visual and Performing Arts

Theatre Productions

Is theatre one of your favorite parts of high school? Did you always dream of being on stage or working on behind the scenes in a theatre production? Learn how majors and non-majors alike can participate in the multiple productions Tech hosts annually. Please contact vpa@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:39 – Meet the Department
00:09:42 – VPA Talent Awards
00:11:55 – Theatre Production Showcase
00:22:02 – Time Commitment
00:25:49 – VPA Minors
00:30:41 – Tour of Our Facilities
00:36:51 – Questions and Answers

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Visual and Performing Arts Undergraduate Overview

Thinking about Audio Production and Technology, Sound Design, Theatre and Electronic Media Performance, or Theatre and Entertainment Technology? See how our majors stay on the cutting edge giving our students a mix of traditional and non-traditional experiences to set the stage for successful career paths. Please contact vpa@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:04:46 – Meet the Department
00:10:05 – Theater Performance Overview
00:26:07 – Facility and Equipment Overview
00:35:34 – Building Your Portfolio
00:37:36 – Questions and Answers

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Additional Information

Athletic Facility

Athletic Facility Overview

Join our student tour guides as they take you on a tour of our Student Development Complex and share their tips on staying healthy at Michigan Tech. Please contact recreation@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Current Student Led Virtual Tour of Athletic Complex
00:13:10 – Question and Answer
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Everything You Need to Know About Broomball

Want to learn about one of Tech's favorite traditions? Join some of our resident student Broomball experts as they teach you more about the game and share some of their pointers! Please contact bbchair@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:23 – Meet Our Broomball Student Staff
00:01:48 – What is Broomball
00:03:39 – Tradition at Tech
00:05:18 – Year-Long Broomball Events
00:11:07 – Our Personal Broomball Stories
00:15:54 – How to Get Involved
00:17:09 – Questions and Answers

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Financial Aid

Financial Aid 101

Nearly 90 percent of Michigan Tech students receive scholarships and/or financial aid. Learn more about the financial aid process, types of aid available, and important dates and deadlines. Get details about why having official test scores or an essay on file (as well as your FAFSA) is critical to be considered for the most opportunities. Please contact finaid@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

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Understanding Your Financial Aid Packet

Financial aid can be complicated. Let us make it simpler! Our staff will break down your aid package to ensure you understand all the ways to make a Michigan Tech education affordable. Please contact finaid@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:01:48 – Financial aid package overview
00:11:42 – Review of the cost of attendance
00:17:40 – Options to finance the remaining balance
00:21:13 – What if you are selected for verification?
00:23:00 – What if your family has a special circumstance?
00:24:42 – What are your next steps after receiving your award letter?
00:31:28 – Question and Answer

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Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports Overview

Are you interested in playing intramural sports at Michigan Tech? Our current students will answer questions about how to get involved and how you can join in the fun! Please contact imsports@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Intramural Sports Overview
00:04:36 – Types of Sports Offered
00:08:12 – Working for IM Sports at Tech
00:09:02 – Current Student Perspective
00:17:38 – Highlight Video of Real Game Footage
00:22:29 – Questions and Answers
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Mont Ripley

Mont Ripley Overview

Are you an avid skier or snowboarder? Do you want to learn how? Find out one of the ways our students take advantage of the 200+ inches of snow we get annually in Houghton! Please contact montripley@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:47 – Welcome to our Ski Hill
00:06:26 – Meet Some of the Current Students Who Work Here
00:16:57 – Questions and Answers

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Outdoor Adventure Program and Tech Trails

Outdoor Adventure Program and Tech Trails Overview

Do you love hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, and other outdoor activities? Have you always thought learning to snowshoe sounds like fun? Do you like to camp, kayak and canoe but don't want to bring all that to campus? Join us to learn how our Outdoor Adventure Program and our Tech Trails make possible all this and more! Please contact oap@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:58 – Tech Trails Overview
00:14:22 – Outdoor Adventure Program and Equipment Rentals
00:19:46 – Programming

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Pavlis Honors Pathway Program

Pavlis Honors Pathway Program and Undergraduate Research Overview

In this session, you get to learn about two Michigan Tech Pavlis Honors College offerings! The Pavlis Honors College manages three undergraduate research programs and the Honors Pathway Program, which allows students to create their own curriculum, make room for collaboration and define their success in their own way. Learn how you can take advantage of these opportunities! Please contact honors@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:00:01 – Pavlis Honors College Overview
00:03:07 – Undergraduate Research Opportunities
00:10:07 – Choosing When to Apply
00:13:28 – Benefits of Early Admission Program
00:22:02 – Next Steps
00:22:26 – Questions and Answers
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Residence Halls

Residence Life

Trying to fill out your housing form and not sure what options are best for you? Want to know what it is like living on campus? Our housing department is here to help answer all your questions. Please contact housing@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

00:14:47 – First-year Residence Hall Options
00:17:14 – Support and Community in Residence Life
00:29:33 – Dining Options
00:33:13 – Answers to Common Questions Like...Where do I pick up my mail?
00:36:19 – Answers to Common Questions Like...Where do I pick up my mail?
00:47:17 – Housing Application Process
00:50:17 – Questions and Answers

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