Theatre and Electronic Media Performance

Theatre performance student on stage.

At this time, applications are no longer being accepted for this program.

Theatre and electronic media performance integrates studies in traditional theatre with electronic media performance. You’ll hone your performance skills, not only with stage productions, but with radio and TV commercials, video game design, and sound projects. Become a well-rounded performer qualified to work in theatre, film, video, digital arts, video-game voice-over, and more.

Learn the techniques and develop the diverse skills the acting industry demands. Whether it's a Michigan Tech production or a national act on tour, students work side-by-side with faculty to make shows happen. Experiment with digital and live performance modalities in our high-tech Rozsa Performing Arts Center and black box McArdle Theatre—or at local historic venues like the Calumet Theatre. Develop a professional portfolio starting your first semester. Attend professional conferences. Study at a university with the strong STEM programs that give you the edge across transmedia platforms.

"I chose Michigan Tech because when I toured the department I fell in love with the atmosphere. It has a great community feeling." Callisto Cortez, Theatre and Electronic Media Performance

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