Environmental and Energy Policy

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Earn a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Five Years

The Accelerated Master’s Program in Environmental and Energy Policy puts you on the fast track to advanced studies, achieving academic and professional goals in a shorter amount of time. In as few as five years, you can earn a Bachelor's degree as well as a Master's degree in Environmental and Energy Policy.

Tailor an Academic Plan to Your Interests and Professional Goals

The Environmental and Energy Policy accelerated Master’s program offers thesis or report degree options. It allows you to count up to 6 approved credits toward both your Bachelor's and Master's degrees. The intent of the master’s program is to provide students skills and knowledge necessary in solving present and future environmental and energy challenges, regardless of the specific organization with which they become involved—whether it is a non-governmental agency (NGO), a business that needs to manage its environmental uses, a consulting firm, or a local, state, or federal agency—our faculty prepare graduate students like no other.