Accelerated Master's Programs

Electrical Engineering

Electrical equipment.

The MS Electrical Engineering program is also available online.

Earn a Bachelor's and a Master's in Five Years

The Accelerated Master's Program in Electrical Engineering allows you to count up to 6 approved credits toward a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Working on both degrees at once saves time and expense, allowing you to meet your academic and professional goals sooner than in a traditional course of study.

Gain a Competitive Edge in Industry

The program offers concentrations in energy systems, information systems, and solid-state electronics, and provides both a thesis option and a report option. It's designed for highly motivated students planning to pursue doctoral studies in electrical engineering. A course-work option is available for students wishing to gain a competitive edge in industry.

The program equips students to meet the growing demand for graduates who have a master's degree in electrical engineering. The accelerated program provides a means to meet academic and professional goals in fewer semesters.