Accelerated Master's Programs


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Earn a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Five Years 

Pick up the educational pace and get on the fast track through the Accelerated Master’s Program in Accounting. In as few as five years you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Finance, or Management Information Systems, along with a Master of Science in Accounting. 

Demand for accountants is on the rise. Starting salaries for graduates with master’s degrees are 10–20 percent higher than for those with undergraduate degrees, according to the American Institute of CPAs. Gain a competitive edge in this lucrative and growing industry.

The accounting accelerated master’s program offers a course-work degree option. It allows you to count up to 6 approved credits toward both degrees. 

It is designed for highly motivated students who wish to gain certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Management Accountant (CMA). You’ll be well prepared for a career in accounting, management, budgeting, taxation, financial reporting, auditing, consulting, or other business finance areas.

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