Web Marketing and Analytics

A recent survey of high school students indicated they use websites to answer their questions about college and universities more frequently than any other resource. Fundraising has changed as online donations soar. News consumption continues to become more digital and fast-paced.

Your website is your most valuable marketing tool. It allows you to reach all of your audiences in any part of the world using any device imaginable.

Web Marketing

Do you send out targeted emails seeking donations, applications to Michigan Tech, or another calls-to-action? Have you printed a program brochure or poster that includes a URL or QR code? The digital services team can help you assess how effective your email campaigns are, track how often those URLs are used with UTM tracking codes, and provide valuable information to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

We can also suggest additional ways to reach your target audiences, including through social media, blogs, and/or our events calendar.

Strength in Numbers with Analytics

Have you ever wondered how often people visit your website, where they live, or which pages they visited? Web analytics can answer these questions and more. You can optimize your website and put your efforts to the pages that matter.

Contact the web team at webmaster@mtu.edu to request access to your analytics or to have them set up on your website. If you need assistance with interpreting your website’s analytics, request a meeting and we will work with you.

"We're bridging the gap between print and digital, so you can use your resources more efficiently."

Joel Vertin, Director of Digital Services

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