Names and Titles

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Academic Class Standings 

  • Michigan Tech does not use the terms freshman or sophomore to refer to undergraduate students' class standing or year in school; we do use the terms junior and senior; senior is used to refer to fourth-year-plus undergraduate students
    • first-year student not freshman 
    • second-year student not sophomore 
    • junior not third-year student 
    • senior not fifth year 

Academic Titles

  • Capitalize all academic titles when used before a name
    • Professor Patty Sotirin; but: Patty Sotirin, professor of communication 
    • Dean Dean Johnson; but: Dean Johnson, dean of the School of Business 
  • Do not capitalize if used in the general sense
    • She had risen to the rank of professor.
    • He was appointed vice president.
    • She has a master's degree in physics.

Multiple Names

  • Female, then male, then last name
    • Valerie and Richard Koubek

Names Under Block Quotes

  • Do not include line breaks digitally. In print, add line breaks for aesthetics
  • Lowercase current students’ majors. Separate dual majors using a backslash. An expected graduation year can be included if known
    • Jolene Husky, forestry
    • Jay Husky, forestry/natural resources management
    • Jorja Husky ’27, English/scientific and technical communication
  • Do not include "student" unless distinguishing a graduate student
    • Jeff Husky, master's student, forestry
  • Include alumni graduation year(s) and degree(s)
    • Julia Husky ’21, BS Human Biology
    • Jackson Husky ’19, BS Chemical Engineering, BS Biomedical Engineering
    • Jennifer Husky ’20 ’22, BS Civil Engineering, MS Integrated Geospatial Technology
    • Joshua Husky ’18 ’23, BS Communications, Culture, and Media; PhD Rhetoric, Theory, and Culture

Titles of Airplanes, Ships, Trains

  • Italicize
    • RV Aggasiz
    • USS Hancock

Titles of People

  • The following titles are abbreviated when preceding names:
    • Dr.
    • Mr.
    • Ms.
    • Mrs.
    • Rev.
    • Hon.
    • St.
  • For readability, titles of two words or less can appear before the name. Longer titles should appear after the name

Titles of Works

  • Italicize the titles of books, plays, motion pictures, oratorios or operas, magazines, published documents, newspapers, periodicals, television series, and journals
    • Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail
    • The New Yorker
    • Field of Dreams
    • The Simpsons
    • ACS Chemical Biology
    • Michigan Tech Magazine
    • Research
  • Use quotation marks for titles of unpublished matter, parts of published works, articles from journals, single episodes from radio and television series, and titles of short musical compositions when used in text
  • Italicize and capitalize Newsletter when it appears as the name of the publication
  • If italics are not available, use underlines. If underlines are not available, capitalize the first letter of each word


  • Don't use "https://www.," unless necessary for functionality