Digital Writing

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  • Always try to link keywords. Don't use:
    • "click here"
    • spelled out URLs
    • "website
  • To link words: Command + K (Mac); Control + Command + K (PC)
    • Avoid adding links at the end of the sentence. Try not to link periods.
  • URLs are all lowercase
    • Do not include https:// or www in URLs unless necessary for functionality
  • Avoid indicating left or right directionals, as this changes depending on mobile device. 
    • "Refer to the chart on the right."
    • "Using the navigation to the left . . . "


  • Touts are notable statistics using a graphic design
  • The stat should appear first, followed by a description.
    • 187 active research faculty
  • Spell out large numbers when room allows. If you must abbreviate “thousand” or “million,” use a capital letter.
    • $60,000,000, $60 million, or $60M
    • 60,000, 60 thousand, or 60K
  • If referencing a "number one ranking," write out as follows: 
    • Michigan Tech was ranked No. 1 by USA Today
  • In descriptions, use lowercase except for proper nouns or where words should normally be capitalized. No period at the end.
    • public university in Michigan for mid-career salaries of graduates
    • companies recruit on campus during Career Fairs
    • Study Abroad locations around the world

Social Media 

A field guide is available that provides information about writing for social media.