Students testing lunar rover in the dusty vacuum chamber.
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From powering the next moon mission to leading the clean energy transition, Huskies are ever at the helm. Meet the alum who built a legendary career in historic preservation, and another hurdling science education barriers to reach an audience of millions. Find out how a glycobiologist and a computer scientist harnessed the power of machine learning to better understand human health and disease. Learn about Arctic Warriors, Guardians of the North, 'ghost wolves' and more in the latest issue of Tech Magazine.

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Watch Husky Nation Unleashed video
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Husky Nation Unleashed

Only two things in life matter: The values you stood for. The people you helped. Hard work, hard choices. Long nights, early mornings, tough winters, and forever friendships are what sets this pack apart. No domesticated puppies up here—we are full-grown Huskies, ready to run.

Watch This is Michigan Tech: Welcome to Husky Nation! video
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This is Michigan Tech: Welcome to Husky Nation!

Tomorrow needs creators. Coders. Engineers. Visionaries. Tomorrow needs you, future Husky! Follow your passion at the premiere flagship technological university of the north and the No. 4 STEM university in the nation. Learn—and play—in a place like nowhere else.

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