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2018 Michigan Tech Magazine

Six months, 41 researchers, two pipelines, 4,380 simulations, roughly 2 million gallons of oil, and more than 600 pages of science. In an independent risk analysis of the Straits Pipelines, Michigan Tech led a team of experts to answer one question: what's the worst that could happen? Read issue two of the 2018 Michigan Tech Magazine online.

University Marketing and Communications (UMC) is a team of strategy-first brand champions. We communicate Michigan Tech voices, opportunities, and experiences to the entire world. Academic departments, divisions, institutes, and organizations collaborate with UMC to promote undergraduate and graduate student enrollment, cultivate alumni affinity and support, and position our faculty researchers as leading scholars.


"University Marketing and Communications is a great collaborative partner—from idea generation, to design and development. Michigan Tech Admissions is proud to partner with UMC on recruitment projects."

Allison Carter, Director of Admissions

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Play My Michigan Tech: Elle Barton video
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My Michigan Tech: Elle Barton

Elle Barton, an undergraduate forestry major, talks about why she chose forestry and Michigan Tech. The short answer? She gets to be outside with professors that not only teach but care.

Play Acoustic Engineers use Carbon Nanotubes video
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Acoustic Engineers use Carbon Nanotubes

Our students and faculty know what tomorrow needs. Acoustics engineering focuses on making spaces sound the best they can by analyzing complex sound waves, testing new materials, and building sound-cancelling devices. That matters because in places like hospitals, noisy heating and cooling units affect people’s ability to recover from illness and prevent airborne infection.

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