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I am concerned about a student in my class. Who can I contact?
The Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success staff reports directly to the Dean of Students and works closely with Student Disability Services, Counseling Services, and the Registrar’s Office. We are able to address a wide variety of concerns related to academic performance. Tell us about your concerns via email at or by completing the Early Warning Form.

What is ExSEL? Under what circumstances should I direct a student to talk to ExSEL staff?
ExSEL is a program dedicated to providing direction and support for students as they define and meet their academic goals. The program focuses on first-year students, although if there is space, any student may join. Participants must enroll in the UN1000 Frameworks for Success for ExSEL course during fall semester. Other components of the program include peer mentoring, grade monitoring and staff outreach. Learn more about the ExSEL program or contact

How are the midterm grades I submit used to support students?
First-year students are notified when midterm grades are made available on Banweb. Additionally, Wahtera Center for Student Success staff, designated Student Affairs staff, and select advisors schedule outreach meetings to those students who have received two or more unsatisfactory grades. Students who don’t attend these meetings receive follow-up by Housing and Residence Life staff and Commuter Assistants.

A parent keeps emailing me about their student. Is there someone who can talk to them for me? 
In addition to other Student Affairs staff, we in the Wahtera Center for Student Success are happy to speak to the parents and family members of students. We follow FERPA guidelines and encourage the student to schedule a meeting, but regularly answer questions and discuss issues and challenges with parents. Call us at 906-487-3558 or email with your concerns.

I have been working with a student who has really been struggling academically. I am not sure how to help.
The Dean of Students provides many resources for students who may be struggling academically, including:

To start the conversation, email us (or have your student do so) at