Family Resources

Family is an important factor in the success of a first-year student. That’s why the Wahtera Center for Student Success and other areas at Michigan Tech work to support not only students, but also their parents and families. By sponsoring fun events and keeping parents informed, the Center provides opportunities for strengthening the bond between student and family.

Michigan Tech Parent and Guardian Philosophy

Michigan Tech views students as young adults who are in the process of becoming responsible, accountable, and capable individuals. We respect their growing independence and hold them accountable for decisions they make. We also respect their privacy, but don't always promise confidentiality, and if needed, we will get others involved to ensure their wellbeing.

As such, we view parents and guardians as our partners and will collaborate with them to the best of our ability. However, we prefer to work directly with students in order to foster their growth and development. Parents and guardians are encouraged to continue to strengthen the relationship with their student by assuming the additional role of mentor/coach.

Parent Questions and Concerns

Parents, guardians, and family members often have questions or concerns about their student's Michigan Tech experience that may be helpful to share with us. Our staff is dedicated to assisting parents and family members and encourages you to communicate with us at any time. Please call the Center at 906-487-3558 or email your inquiry to


Michigan Tech provides on online tool that helps parents and family members stay connected to one another, and to news and events on campus. This parent-to-parent network, ParentNet, allows you to communicate with other Michigan Tech parents, ask questions, and share important information and advice about the college parenting experience. Form and join groups to network with other parents who have similar interests, read weekly updates from our student ParentNet writer and Study Abroad writer, and access monthly parent and family newsletters. Join ParentNet today.

Parent Perspective: Student Health 101

Michigan Tech has partnered with Student Health 101 to give students, parents, and family members up-to-date information about many common college health and wellness issues. Because family is an essential support system for students, we hope that you are having conversations with your student about their health and wellness-related decision making. The parent edition of the Student Health 101 Newsletter, The Student Advocate, can help you become an informed partner and share essential information with your student.