Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success

  The Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success encourages the growth of Michigan Tech students through the development of relationships, attitudes, values, and skills. We support students and their families with the transition to University life and the navigation of its many challenges and opportunities.        

Trying to figure out how to be the best student you can be this fall?  The Wahtera Center can assist.  Meet with one of our staff to discuss your goals or get set up with a success coach to meet regularly to identify self-management techniques and study hacks to help your semester be great!  Meetings are available remote or in person.  Email success@mtu.edu for more information.


Virtual ways to get connected this semester

Husky Hangouts

Drop by a Husky Hangout this semester!  Looking for a way to stay connected to campus and tuned in to other humans?  These casual virtual gatherings let you meet Michigan Tech students and staff and share how things are going, learn about what's happening on and off campus and get any questions or concerns addressed.  Staying tuned in to other humans is extra important in these times of social distancing and face it--you can never have too many connections!

Chat & Chill (Fridays from 3-5 p.m.)
We used to have the board game group.  Then COVID...Now we just chat and chill, and someday, we hope to meet in person again.  For now the goal is to relax, meet some new friends, and have some fun at the end of a long week of classes.  All are welcome!  Email Eric Arundel at emarunde@mtu.edu for more information.