Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success

Orientation Staff

Angela Hoffman

Angela Hoffman

  • Assistant Director, Orientation Programs


  • Develops and implements Orientation for new students including first-year, transfer, dual-enrolled, student-athlete, and midyear entry students, as well as parents, family members, and guardians
  • Oversees the development and coordination of selection and training for all Orientation student staff
  • Supervises the Orientation Executive Staff and the Orientation Team Leaders
Cameron Miller

Cameron Miller

  • Orientation Executive Staff—Programming Coordinator


  • Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Hometown: Holland, MI
  • Year in School: Fourth
  • Favorite thing about Michigan Tech: My favorite thing about Michigan Tech is all the amazing opportunities that are available to students!  There are so many student orgs on campus, so it is really easy to get involved and establish your sense of community at Michigan Tech.
  • Biggest First-Year Mistake: My biggest mistake was definitely not getting help when I started needing it.  I did not really need help in high school so I thought it would be ok in college, but it was not ok.  However, I was able to get help and save my grades.
  • Piece of Advice: Keep an open mind.  College is the place to try new things, meet new people and learn about yourself.  You never know that you like or dislike something until you have given it a chance.  Who knows?  You might surprise yourself and find something that you are really passionate about.
Cora Taylor

Cora Taylor

  • Orientation Executive Staff—Training Coordinator


  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Hometown:  Charlevoix, MI
  • Year in School:  Fifth
  • Favorite thing about Michigan Tech:  The community.  Immediately when I got here, I felt this sense of belonging I never had before.  Everyone here wants to see everyone succeed.  There is so much opportunity for growth and development in all parts of a students life here.
  • Biggest First-Year Mistake:  Joining too many things too quickly.
  • Piece of Advice:  You have 4+ years to join all of the things you want to.  Take your time to find yourself, your friends and what you enjoy doing before you commit to things you don't enjoy.
Sam Willard

Sam Willard

  • Orientation Executive Staff—Logistics Coordinator


  • Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cheminformatics (Double Major)
  • Hometown: Forest Lake , MN
  • Year in School: Fifth
  • Favorite thing about Michigan Tech: All of the different opportunities to get involved in.
  • Biggest First-Year Mistake: Thinking I can do everything, never saying no when asked to work on something.
  • Piece of Advice: "Figure out your limit early on and push it, but don't blow by it" or "Always strive to improve, but don't overwhelm yourself."