Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success

Student Orientation Executive Staff

Molly Baerman

Molly Baerman

  • Training Coordinator


  • Major:  Electrical Engineering with a Minor in French
  • Hometown:  Metro Detroit, MI
  • Year at Michigan Tech:  Second
  • Favorite thing about Michigan Tech:  My favorite thing about Michigan Tech is the community and resources available to you.  In my time here, I have been able to find and pursue my passions inside and outside of academics.  This includes switching my major, pursuing a foreign language minor, and being able to be involved in student government and leadership.  At Michigan Tech, there are people here that care about you and your success.  The people I have met at Michigan Tech are not only my peers and colleagues, but my family as well.
  • Biggest First-Year Mistake:  My biggest first year mistake was thinking my desk in my residence hall room was the best place to study.  Going back to your room might seem like the best place to study, but there are friends, distractions, and the biggest one for me, the temptation to take a nap in bed.  Take advantage of your time on campus to find the best environments you work in, as well as the resources available.  A close second would be not utilizing study resources, like office hours, supplemental instruction, or learning centers.  For me, it was for University Chem.  I didn't want to ask for help and in the end, my comprehension of the material suffered.  Long story short, don't be afraid to explore what Michigan Tech has to offer.
  • Piece of Advice:  Take advantage of the resources available to you.  Whether it be academically via the learning centers or office hours; socially by going to events on-campus for free/discounted cost thanks to the Experience Tech fee; or health and wellness by going to the workshops or services offered.
Ben Chizmar

Ben Chizmar

  • Logistics Coordinator


  • Major:   Mathematical Sciences
  • Hometown:  Comstock Park, MI
  • Year in school:  Fifth
  • Favorite Thing about Michigan Tech:  The community!  Our campus is very open and welcoming, and everyone's attitude supports this.  This community we have gives you the power to change the world. 
  • Biggest First-Year Mistake:  Not going to learning centers.  I was too ashamed to go, but they are really friendly and helpful!
  • Piece of Advice:  Be flexible in everything you do.  Having a plan and goals to achieve are great to have in college, and also after college, but there can be circumstances out of your control, so be flexible.
Ezra Cotter

Ezra Cotter

  • Communications Coordinator

About myself

  •  Major:  Double Major in Physics and Policy, Law, and Society with a Minor in Business
  • Hometown:  McBain, MI
  • Year at Michigan Tech:  Fourth
  • Favorite thing about Michigan Tech:  The community of the University and of Houghton
  • Biggest First-Year Mistake:  Letting myself get behind
  • Piece of Advice:  Go out there and do it.  Whether it;s meeting new people, getting a dog, planting a garden, or changing your outward appearance.  You don't have many chances like this -- don't waste it.
Adam Kallioinen

Adam Kallioinen

  • Programming Coordinator


  • Major:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Hometown:  Traverse City, MI
  • Year in School:  Fifth
  • Favorite thing about Michigan Tech:  My favorite thing about Michigan Tech is its surroundings.  I love running, hiking, and camping.  This is a great place to try out all sorts of outdoor hobbies.  I also enjoy living in a place surrounded by water.
  • Biggest First-Year Mistake:  My biggest mistake as a first year was not taking advantage of all the opportunities to get involved with the community on and off campus.  I didn't discover much of what the area had to offer until my third year.
  • Piece of Advice:  I try to encourage incoming students to spend a summer in the Keweenaw or come visit during break while they attend Michigan Tech.  The snow is fun, but it is absolutely beautiful up here year-round, especially during the summer.