To schedule a 30 minute Google meet appointment with Student Disability Services, please use the "Make an Appointment" button below.  Please call 906-487-3558 with any questions.

Disability Services at Michigan Tech provides support and resources for students with or without a documented disability. Students do not need to have documentation of a disability to discuss strategies for college success with the coordinator of student disability services; incoming students who would like to meet with the coordinator should make an appointment as early as possible in their first semester.

Submitting Documentation

Please fill out the Student Disability Services Accommodation Request Form and upload all documentation you have to the Student Disability Documentation Submission form. Evaluations have to be on the letterhead of an appropriate professional and address each of the listed guidelines. For information about our documentation policy, please review the Student Disability Policy and information about Documenting a Disability. If you have any questions, email or call 906-487-3558.

For documenting Emotional Support Animals (ESA) or Service Animals (SA), please read the ESA/SA guide and use the following forms:

Student Disability Services Guide to Requesting Permission to Keep an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or Service Dog (SA) in Housing.

Student Disability Services (Form A)
Form to request Emotional Support Animal (ESA) in Housing, to be completed by a licensed medical or therapeutic professional.

Student Disability Services (Form B)
Form to request and Emotional Support Animal (ESA) in Housing, to be completed by the student.

Student Disability Services (Form C)
Form to request a Service Dog (SA) in Housing, to be completed by the student.

Failure to register a disability with the Student Disability office in a timely manner will lead to delays in receiving services.

To email documentation:

To fax documentation:
906-487-3530, Attention Dr. Oslund

While we will review IEP/504 Plans, these tend not to be as helpful in assisting students as actual diagnostic test results with interpretations from medical specialists.

If you have further questions, please call us at 906-487–3558.

Available Accommodations

We offer many accommodations for students who provide supporting documentation of a disability. These range from accommodations in the classroom to special software on all computers in the library. Review a list of these accommodations.  Read our Guide to Setting Up Your Accommodations.

Faculty who are looking for detailed descriptions of classroom accommodations can find them separately through our online definitions.


ExSEL Plus is designed to provide an option for students who are seeking a more structured transition to life and academics at Michigan Tech. Designed for students who self-identify as:

  • living with higher levels of anxiety and possibly depression
  • struggling with transitions
  • benefiting from explicit instruction in social and academic expectations

The program focuses on the elements of academic success while also providing intentional discussion around expectations for behavior in the college environment, while managing the stress that comes from new independence. ExSEL Plus includes a required 1-credit course in both fall and spring semesters, peer mentoring, specialized professional development opportunities, and a point person in the residence hall.