Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success


Developing good academic, wellness, and mental health skills can help improve your academic performance and overall well-being.  Husky Hour is filled with hacks for a balanced life.  These workshops have been designed for you to find success and enjoy your time more thoroughly during your years here at Michigan Tech.  

Check out our Husky Hour Sessions of rotating topics every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-5 p.m. in the Library East Reading Room (1st floor).

For questions, please email workshops@mtu.edu.



Rethinking Failure...

Failure is a state of mind.  Rethink how you can learn from failure.

Tues. 3/3

Self Motivation...

Gain skills to improve your motivation and stop procrastinating!

Wed. 3/4

Seize the Awkward...

Find out how you can help a friend with their mental health.

Tues. 3/117

Sleep Habits...

Get free sleep kits and learn about how to get better Zzzzs!

Wed. 3/18

Cooking on your Own...

Hands-on food prep for healthy snacks & meals for one!

Tues. 3/24

Effective Transitions...

Lean how to manage transitions in your life - changing positions in your org., moving back home for the summer, or off to a new job or internship.

Wed. 3/25

Asking for a Friend...

Questions about mental health & well-being?  Come "n" ask 'em!

Tues. 3/31