Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success


Developing good academic, wellness, and mental health skills can help improve your academic performance and overall well-being.  Husky Hour is filled with hacks for a balanced life.  These workshops have been designed for you to find success and enjoy your time more thoroughly during your years here at Michigan Tech.  

Check out our Husky Hour Sessions of rotating topics every Tuesday and Wednesday.  Get more details and Zoom links by clicking here.

For questions, please email workshops@mtu.edu.

 Fall Husky Hour schedule:

November, 2020



Tuesday, November 3
Surviving Life Off-Campus Let's talk life off-campus: get tips for cooking, laundry, snow removal, time management and more.
Wednesday, November 4
Working in Teams and Conflict Management Roommates, group projects, and work teams can be tough; learn how to handle social conflicts.
Tuesday,  November 10 Mental Health Stigmas Learn more about college mental health and how to break down the stigmas about mental illness.
Wednesday, November 11 Nutrition Learn about proper nutrition practices, why nutrition is important, and tips and tricks to be a healthier person overall!
Tuesday, November 17 Alcohol and Drug Use What is everyone else doing?  Make decisions about your use based on facts.
Wednesday, November 18 How to Move Off-Campus Talk to students, landlords, and others who can tell you the ins and outs of moving off-campus.