Transfer Student FAQs


How do I know who my academic advisor is?
Each department has an assigned academic advisor. With the exception of your initial contact with Transfer Services, meeting with your advisor is the most important step you can make to ensure a smooth transition.

How do I transfer my credits from my previous institution?
After meeting with your advisor, contact Transfer Services to have credits from your former institution transferred to Michigan Tech. You can access your transfer information, including credits transferred, via Banweb’s Student Records tab. You can also visit Michigan Transfer Equivalency System online for additional information.

International transfer students should submit course descriptions and a final official transcript from your previous institution(s) to International Programs and Services (IPS) six weeks before arrival on campus. IPS works with academic departments to determine the number of transfer credits.

How do I adjust to studying at Michigan Tech?
Transfer students may find it difficult to adjust to the new academic environment and expectations found at Michigan Tech. The Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success provides study tips for transfer students. In addition, your academic advisor can suggest campus resources, such as the library or Learning Centers. Check out our complete listing of Michigan Tech’s Learning Centers, including staff listings, hours, and additional information.

Another great resource for tutoring and mentoring is the ExSEL program, offered by the Wahtera Center for Student Success. ExSEL is a comprehensive program offering peer mentoring, study groups, one-on-one staff support, academic progress monitoring, and more.

International or ESL transfer students may find the Canterbury House a great resource for tutoring and mentoring. The Canterbury House is a place where international students and their spouses can gain help in improving their conversational English, reading, and writing skills. It is located across from the Administration building at 1405 East Houghton Avenue.

How do I compare the grading scale at Michigan Tech to 4.0 grading scales at other universities?
Michigan Tech’s grading scale is slightly different from a standard 4.0 grading scale. Our grading scale does not included grades with ‘+’ or ‘-‘; these are instead combined into one simplified grade. For example, any grade that would usually fall in the ‘A-‘ to ‘B+’ range is simply awarded an ‘AB’ on Michigan Tech’s grade scale. In addition, Michigan Tech replaces the grade ‘E’ (effort unsatisfactory) with an ‘F’. For more information about the grading scale at Michigan Tech, see our grading information.

How do I know my progress in pursuing a degree?
To monitor your progress toward your degree, you can meet with your advisor or run the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS), which is located on Banweb’s Student Services tab. The audit plays an important role in selecting the courses you should take in the upcoming semesters.

For information on DARS, including a tutorial, please visit the DARS information page.

What is the academic requirement for Michigan Tech Students?
Every student should maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0; however, official requirements can vary based on class year. For more information, please review Michigan Tech's Standards of Progress.

Are international transfer students required to check in at International Programs and Services (IPS)?
Yes, All new international students must check in at IPS for immigration purposes within one week of arrival.

Campus Life

How do I get involved on campus?
There are many organizations and activities that transfer students can get involved with. Refer to Involvement Link to see a complete list of student organizations at Michigan Tech. You can also refer to the student catalog for information about getting involved on campus.

Or, consider getting involved by helping others. Student Leadership and Involvement hosts a number of community service positions and events throughout the academic year.

Where should I park? And what should I do if I get parking tickets?
Vehicles must be registered to park on campus. For further information, please see Vehicle Registration and Parking Information.

Questions regarding parking violations, including contesting a parking ticket, should be directed to Transportation Services. Parking tickets can be paid for by visiting the Student Service Center on the first floor of the Administration Building.

I wasn’t able to bring my vehicle with me to campus. How can I get around?
Getting around campus and Houghton is easy! You’ll find a variety of convenient transportation options.

  • Husky Motors campus shuttle service runs throughout the day between upper and lower campus.
  • The Houghton Motor Transit Line provides transportation to a variety of Houghton locations for a small fee.
  • Zip-cars available for students to rent by the hour or day—are housed on Michigan Tech’s campus.

How do I make an international or domestic phone call?
International calls:
To make an international call, first dial the exit international code (011), followed by the country code, city code, and phone number.

    How to call China from the US: Dial 011 + 86 + (2-4 digit area code) + local phone number

US (Domestic) Calls:
Calling within the US is easy! To make a local call, simply dial the 7-digit phone number. Calls to other regions or states will require dialing 1, then the 3-digit area code before the phone number.

    How to call the IPS Office at Michigan Tech from California:
    Dial 1 + area code + the 3-digit phone number
    Thus, you would dial 1 906 487 2160 to reach Michigan Tech’s IPS office.

For more information, check the websites:

Can I work on/off campus as an international transfer student?
Yes, however there may be some constraints. For more information about on-campus employment for international students, visit International Programs and Services.

How many international transfer students are studying at Michigan Tech?
There are approximately 100 international transfer students on campus now. They are from countries all around the world, such as Malaysia, Norway, India, and China.

How do international transfer students get a Michigan driver’s license or a State of Michigan ID card?
For information about obtaining a Michigan Driver’s License, visit the International Programs and Services page.