Forms and Requests

Outside Grounds Use / Promotional Material Request Form

Students, student organizations, faculty, staff, departments, and those individuals and groups not affiliated with the University seeking to distribute promotional materials or reserve space outside on the main campus of Michigan Technological University are required to complete this form.  The form will be reviewed by Student Leadership and Involvement and Public Safety and Police Services.  Please allow at least 48 hours (or two business days) for a response.  

Liability Waiver

Occasionally registered student organizations sponsor events that are physical in nature and contain elements of risk. Student Leadership and Involvement recommends that organizations hosting such events utilize release forms for all participants.  For any events containing risk that are hosted on-campus or at a University sponsored event/tradition, a risk management plan must be submitted to Student Leadership and Involvement in advance and must be approved before the event may occur.

Large Group Liability Waiver

Similar to the liability waiver, if your organization is sponsoring an event with elements of risk with large groups of people participating, or if you don't have any time with the participants in advance, the large group liability waiver might be useful.  As a reminder, for all events on-campus or at University sponsored events, a risk management plan must be submitted to Student Leadership and Involvement in advance and must be approved before the event may occur.

Waiver of Liability for Students Under the Age of 18

Some students enter Michigan Tech before they are 18 years old. Many University sponsored events may contain elements of risk and require students to sign liability waivers, however students under the age of 18 cannot do this without a parent/guardian signature. By having a parent/guardian sign and return this form to Student Leadership and Involvement, the student will be permitted to participate in all University sponsored events, including those at the Outdoor Adventure Program, Housing and Residential Life, Student Leadership and Involvement, and more. (Student organization specific events are separate and may require additional parent/guardian consent.)

Fraternity/Sorority New Member Registration Form

Any time a Greek organization pins a new member, the president of that organization must be sure to submit a completed new member registration form. This is how we keep records of all new members.  Don't forget to add the new member on your organization's Involvement Link page too!

E-Board Position Update Form

Presidents are required to fill out our E-Board Position Update Form when officer transition happens. All new officers are required to complete online training before the changes are reflected on your roster. Information will be shared with officers via email once the form is completed.

Housing Waiver For Active FSL Members

In order to support the mission and vision of Fraternity & Sorority Life and to assist with the development of new members of social fraternities and sororities, Residence Education and Housing Services with the support and approval of Student Leadership and Involvement will waive the second-year of the two-year on-campus residency requirement for students receiving a National Scholars Program, Presidential Scholars Program, National Business Scholars Program, or Leading Scholars Program award upon successful completion of the requirements listed in this document.

Refer to the Residence Education and Housing Services Policy for eligibility requirements.

After submitting this form, Student Leadership and Involvement, in consultation with Residence Education and Housing Services and the Director of Community Conduct, will determine eligibility. You will be notified if your waiver is accepted or denied.

RSO Travel Google Form

Registered Student Organizations that are traveling over 50 miles must complete the RSO Travel Google Form. You will need to complete the following forms within the google form: Husky Motors Vehicle Request Form (only if you are requesting a vehicle from Husky Motors), Travel Policy Form, and Travel Itinerary Form.

Please note: If you are requesting a vehicle from Husky Motors, submit your preliminary form seven days in advance. For those who are not requesting Husky Motors, the form is due two days prior to travel. You can re-enter information into the form, even after submitting, to submit the rest of the documents.

Husky Motors Vehicle Request

Registered Student Organizations may reserve a rental vehicle from Husky Motors by going to  Please note the new online vehicle reservation system and new key dispensing system. You will need to register for an account with Fleet Commander and wait for approval. You may then reserve your vehicle.

In order for the reservation to be confirmed, the organization must complete a Husky Motors Vehicle Request Form and submit it to the RSO Travel Google Form, one week prior to travel. Submit the preliminary form at least 7 days in advance. Student Leadership and Involvement will then verify that the vehicle rental is for an organization sponsored event, and then forward the signed form to Husky Motors.

Please make sure if you are renting a large van that all drivers are van certified and that you have two drivers per vehicle. Drivers must also be registered in Fleet Commander as well.

Student Organization Travel Policy

If you are a student traveling over 50 miles on behalf of a registered student organization of Michigan Tech, regardless of mode of transportation, each participating member must abide by the policies set in place by the Travel Policy and complete the Travel Policy Form and Travel Itinerary Form and submitted to the RSO Travel Google Form at least two days prior to travel. Organizations that do not comply with the travel policy risk losing future funding for travel from the USG.

Posting Matrix

Are you looking to advertise for your student organization?  Check out the Posting Matrix (color/b&w) and see where all the bulletin boards are as well as where you can drop your posters to be hung up.  

Student Organization Registration 

At Michigan Tech, we're proud to have well over 236 registered student organizations!  There is typically something for everyone, but if not, you can form your own student organization.  All you need is ten members to start, and an advisor who is a faculty or staff member at Michigan Tech.  Don't hesitate to stop into Student Leadership and Involvement if you have questions about the process.

Student Scoop Submissions

Student organizations may submit events, fundraisers, and reminders to be listed in The Student Scoop (formerly the Student News Brief), a weekly electronic publication that is sent out to all students focused on students and student events.  All submissions should be sent in by 8:00 am on Wednesday to be published in the Wednesday edition.  (The Student Scoop blog is sent out weekly during the fall and spring semester, and as needed during the summer months.)  To submit a Student Scoop article, email You may attach a JPG or PNG (MAX size 2MB) if you have one.

Student Information Data Request

Student organizations can request general student information such as by class, majors, GPA's, and other information. This form must be filled out in its entirety. Fill this form out digitally and email to or print out and return to Student Leadership & Involvement (MUB 112).

Account Use Approval

Registered Student Organizations may use this form in order to obtain products or services from University Departments. This form must be filled out in its entirety. Fill this form out digitally and email or print out and return to Student Leadership & Involvement (MUB 112) for approval. You may utilize this form in order to receive a bill directly to your organization or to deduct the costs from your USG SAF Allocation for the year. Questions regarding this form can be directed to