HuskyGold Leadership Pathway Banner Image

HuskyGOLD is designed to prepare students for lifelong engagement in their communities. It provides a wealth of options so every individual has the autonomy to choose a path that fits their personal interests and ambitions. Through completing the program's pillars, students will gain a greater awareness of themselves, others, and the communities they are a part of. 

The five pillars of HuskyGOLD are:

  • Leadership - At Michigan Tech, we inspire the leadership necessary for all individuals to boldly push everyday boundaries while serving others. Through this pillar, you will develop interpersonal skills, explore personal goals and passions, and broaden your personal leadership style. 
  • Health and Well-being - At Michigan Tech, we embrace a holistic approach to well-being to assist students in developing their whole selves so they can be successful in life during and after their academic careers. Through this pillar, you will integrate lifestyle choices that promote holistic health, well-being, and personal strategies for self-care.
  • Global Citizenship - At Michigan Tech, we inspire individuals to hold themselves accountable, and to act with integrity, honesty and diligence.  Through this pillar, you will explore intercultural competence, social responsibility, and community service.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - At Michigan Tech, we inspire an engaged community actively seeking improvement through acceptance and understanding. Through this pillar, you will build a greater understanding of yourself and your values so you can act with integrity and respect.
  • Professional Enrichment - At Michigan Tech, we create and explore possibilities. Through this pillar, you will refine your communication and collaboration skills, learn to navigate the professional world, and apply your holistic experience to achieve future success.

HuskyGOLD is a self-paced experience available to all Michigan Tech students. Students can enroll as early as their freshmen year. Since it takes multiple semesters to complete, we strongly encourage students to enroll by their junior year. Students receive recognition throughout the program as they make progress and upon completing all requirements. The drop down information below outlines the events, tasks, and involvements that are necessary to complete each pillar.