College of Sciences and Arts

Staff Directory

Karen Kangas

Karen Kangas

  • Administrative Aide
Sylvia Matthews

Sylvia Matthews

  • Program Director, General Sciences and Arts
  • Advisor for Exploring Students
Karen Salo

Karen Salo

  • Director of College Administration

Digital Services

Heather Powers

Heather Powers

  • Digital Content Manager, College of Sciences and Arts/UMC


OU Campus, Events, Blogs
Web Project Management
Web Design/Content Strategy
Digital Analytics
Web Accessibility

About Heather

  • Represents the College of Sciences and Arts (CSA) regarding content management system (CMS) services, web strategy and design.
  • She assists with webpage development, collaborating on strategy/marketing for departmental news blogs and event calendars, and CMS training for CSA departmental liaisons.
  • She enjoys quilting, knitting, gaming, hiking, movies, reading, and spending time with her pets.


Nicole Seigneurie

  • Health Professions Coordinator
  • Instructor