Partner Engagement Program

At Michigan Tech, we want to attract and retain exceptional faculty. Michigan Tech recognizes the importance of supporting faculty members’ partners. The Partner Engagement Program was created to help spouses/partners gain knowledge about Michigan Tech, potential employment opportunities and other resources at the University and in the local area.

Eligibility For Assistance Through The Partner Engagement Program

The program assists the spouse or partner of new tenure-track hires with their employment search and networking in the community for their first two years in the area. Instructional-track faculty candidates receive a partner engagement meeting containing resources on finding employment.  The program also assists the spouse or partner of all faculty candidates with their discovery of resources in the Keweenaw.

How Partner Engagement Program Works

A faculty member (or faculty candidate) who is interested in working with the Partner Engagement Program can contact the program manager to refer their spouse or partner. The spouse or partner can also contact the manager directly. An initial consultation with the spouse or partner provides background on employment interests and other community needs.

The Partner Engagement Program manager will assist in identifying local and regional networking contacts. It is the responsibility of the client to assist in the job search effort. The program does not create an entitlement to employment, nor does it guarantee job placement.

Michigan Tech is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution/Equal Opportunity Employer that provides equal opportunity for all, including protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Best Practices For Guests