Periodic Program Review

Regular, periodic reviews of academic degree programs provide a formal process for thorough, fact-based documentation and evaluation of the programs, the infrastructure supporting them, and the plans for their growth and improvement. Lists of completed and upcoming reviews are available on the Assessment Activities page.


Documents explaining Periodic Program Review are available for:

For colleges with internal departments or divisions, the review process is overseen by the cognizant dean.
For colleges without departments or divisions, the review process is overseen by the provost’s office.


  • External Program Review Self-Study Report Template - updated 10/18/2021
    • This template is intended for academic departments with undergraduate, graduate, and/or interdisciplinary programs not otherwise reviewed by a professional accrediting body.
    • For degree programs reviewed by professional accreditors, units should conduct the associated self-study following the accreditors’ guidelines.
  • Boiler Plate Files - updated 10/18/2021
    • Documents that contain standard information applicable to all programs to assist with preparation of the self-study.
    • Also included is a CV template. Two-page CVs can also be generated by running certain Digital Measures reports (e.g. ABET Appendix B - Faculty Vitae).
  • Short Syllabus Template - new 10/18/2021
    • To prevent appendices of syllabi from being many hundreds of pages, this template should be used to capture the most important information for reviewers.
  • Honorarium Processing Details:
    • External reviewer honorariums should use code E921.
    • Internal reviewers are compensated by either (at the discretion of the recipient):
      • additional compensation through Employee Status Change Form ("gold form"), or
      • budget transfer to the reviewer's IRAD index.